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The School Foundation of Stadsmissionen Acquires IT as a Service from Nordlo

After acquiring IT services the school foundation of Stadsmissionen choose Nordlo as their comprehensive supplier of IT for their everyday use and for the future.

– We chose Nordlo as during the acquisition process they have shown us that they offer everything we are looking for and speak a language that we understand, says Per Kassman, Digitalization Manager at the school foundation of Stadsmissionen.

The school foundation of Stadsmissionen has almost 400 employees and about 3 000 students and participants in their high schools and vocational schools in Mälardalen. The organization had a need for a new IT supplier that could be responsible for the entire IT environment, making everything work for the employees and students in everyday life and to offer strategic choices in terms of choosing the right services and technology for the future.

IT as a Service to Replace Internal IT Department

The acquisition involved server management, fiber connections and communication, work stations, print, and a strategical relationship. The school foundation of Stadsmission has no internal IT department, which is why there is a need for support from an external party.

– Nordlo accommodates both daily IT management and our strategical need for a partner that works proactively with IT and digitalization. Offering IT as a Service was attractive to us, and we also appreciated being valued as an important customer, says Per Kassman, Digitalization Manager at the school foundation of Stadsmissionen.

IT as a Service from Nordlo consists of IT solutions for both everyday life and for the future, a strategic relationship, server management, workstations, clients, and in the longer term even printing with related support. The strategic work and proactive perspective is a natural part of the agreement and is present in all projects. The first part of the delivery is estimated to be ready by the end of 2019/start of 2020. After that, the delivery will transition towards being a management role with continued work in helping the school foundation of Stadsmissionen to reach their set goals.

– We are very happy to be a part of this new relationship with the school foundation of Stadsmissionen, who are making a difference for many people. We are excited about working closely with them for several years in order to secure the delivery of IT services that make a difference in their everyday life, and to contribute to business development in the future, says Gustav Tjernström, Sales Manager at Nordlo.

About the school foundation of Stadsmissionen:

The school foundation of Stadsmissionen is a non-profit organization that aims to offer education for everyone. The school foundation is responsible for high schools and Grillska, a high school for special need children. They are also responsible for adult education at Stadsmissionen’s vocational school. Grillska Gymnasiet’s six high schools in Mälardalen have around 2 800 students. In total, there are almost 3 000 students at the school foundation of Stadsmissionen’s educational courses and classes. Learn more at: grillska.se  

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Gustav Tjernström, Sales Manager, Nordlo, 070-658 11 49, gustav.tjernstrom@nordlo.com 
Per Kassman, Digitalization Manager, The school foundation of Stadsmissionen, 070-425 66 41per.kassman@stadsmissionensskolstiftelse.se

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