Sustainable IT services

Nordlo wants to be a sustainable player in IT that contributes to concrete solutions for a better future. This involves both Nordlo's own sustainability work and ensuring that the services we offer last over time and help you as a customer achieve both growth and sustainability goals. This is how our IT services can contribute to your company's sustainability work.

Digital business development 

Our digital business development services aim to automate processes to streamline your business to save time, money and resources. It also includes collecting and visualizing data to understand your business and make informed decisions.

Data and statistics highlight your successes but also give you the opportunity to discover the barriers to efficiency that exist within your business. Working with digital business development can also have a positive effect on the working environment and the everyday life of your employees.

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Whatever industry your company operates in, security and risk management are a cornerstone of sustainability, especially from an economic and social perspective. Socially, it’s about ensuring that information security is in place so that you and your colleagues do not risk sensitive information being accessed by the wrong people.

Economically, it’s about preventing a costly interruption or intrusion into your IT environment. Nordlo helps your company with tailor-made security services that suit your business. We also provide training to raise security awareness among all employees.

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Application & development

Our services in the area of Application & Development offer a positive impact in terms of increased efficiency. Depending on how you program, you can also reduce the amount of data, thus reducing the need for data storage.

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Modern workplace

With Nordlo's Modern Workplace services, together we can create an environment where you and your colleagues can thrive and collaborate no matter where you work. Secure and well-functioning solutions for remote work and meetings also reduce the climate impact of travel. The service area also includes hardware. With our lifecycle management offer, we make sure to reuse, repair and recycle to extend the life of your work tools.

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Cloud & Infrastructure

In the Cloud & Infrastructure service offering, Nordlo makes sure to take climate and environmental aspects into account when storing data. For example, we use 100% renewable electricity in our Swedish and Norwegian data centers, choose energy-efficient equipment and offer circular life cycle management.  

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