Nordlo's three
sustainability areas 

Nordlo's sustainability work is based on our desire to develop society by strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of our customers, today and in the future. The work is based on three pillars: sustainable offering, sustainable organization and sustainable supply chain. Each area has several concrete goals in both the short and long term, and each goal can be linked to the UN's global goals for sustainable development.

The fact that IT accounts for a large proportion of the world's raw materials, energy consumption and hazardous waste is nothing new. There are also major social issues in the production chain. Therefore, we want to be a responsible player who works actively for a positive development in our own operations, with our customers and with our suppliers.

Sustainable offer

Within the area of sustainable offering, the long-term goals are to provide services that support the customer's sustainability goals and that circular services are offered to all customers. We know that a good and well-adapted IT environment will have a positive impact on your business growth and sustainability work. Therefore, we will offer scalable, high-quality services that last over time and are adapted to your business needs.   

Digitalization and automation lead to increased productivity and resource efficiency, which contributes to sustainability efforts on all levels - economic, social, climate and environmental. Nordlo offers a wide range of services in Digital Business Development, Cloud & Infrastructure, Security, Modern Workplace and Application & Development. Whatever the service area, our experts will support you in making sustainable choices for your business, your colleagues and the planet.  

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Sustainable organization

When working towards a sustainable organization, one of the long-term goals is Net zero climate footprint. Here, Nordlo has included the criteria for the Science Based Traget initiative (SBTi) and signed commitment letters for climate targets in line with the Paris Agreement. The next step is to set plans for halving our emissions by 2030 and climate neutrality by 2050. This includes both direct and indirect emissions for the business and also linked to our services and purchases from suppliers.   

Nordlo also wants to be an attractive employer with industry-leading employee satisfaction. To achieve this, we will be an inclusive employer that prioritizes diversity and equality. One concrete goal is to increase the proportion of women and non-binary employees, especially in technical roles and management positions. The long-term goal here is to be above the industry average. Furthermore, we want everyone who works at Nordlo to feel committed and driven to help our customers move forward. You should feel challenged and developed in your role, which is why we invest in sustainable leadership and a good working climate. 

Sustainable supply chain

The third and final sustainability area focuses on effective management and monitoring of Nordlo's supply chain. Both suppliers and partners must comply with laws and regulations and respect international conventions. In more concrete terms, this means that Nordlo's suppliers must work actively on the issue of sustainability and promote transparency in this area. Nordlo will monitor how our suppliers work with quality, climate and environment, work environment, social sustainability and information security.

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