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As we grow and develop our customer relationships in the Nordic market, we are accelerating our work on responsible technology for a more sustainable society. Like the rest of the world, the IT industry faces the challenge of achieving the global sustainability goals and succeeding in the transition to a circular economy. 

In our sustainability report, we describe our sustainability work, how we help our customers achieve their goals and how we work towards a working environment with satisfied and committed employees.   

Nordlo's three sustainability areas

Nordlo's sustainability work is based on the nature of our business and our desire to contribute to a sustainable society. The work rests on three pillars. Sustainable offering refers to our scalable services that safeguard long-term quality and contribute to the customer's sustainability goals. Sustainable organization refers to being an attractive and inclusive employer, a reliable IT partner and working towards Net zero climate footprint. Sustainable supply chain refers to goals linked to suppliers and partners.  

Based on our three sustainability areas, we have formulated concrete objectives in both the short and long term.  

Read more about Nordlo's three sustainability areas 

Sustainable services

Nordlo strives towards being a responsible player that makes sustainable choices both in its own operations and in its collaboration with customers and suppliers. Therefore, it’s a given for us to deliver IT services that are adapted to your company's business needs while contributing to your sustainability efforts.

Here we tell you more about our sustainable services 

Life cycle management

In the service areas with a high proportion of hardware, we think it is important to work with life cycle management and increased circularity. The goal is for resources to stay in the economic cycle longer, which also includes reuse. The lifespan of the product is an important sustainability factor and reuse can take place within your own business or with another customer. We also work with recycling, ensuring that transportation is sustainable, and that information security is maintained during reuse.


At Nordlo, it is important for us to act and conduct business in an ethical and fair manner. The whistleblowing service provides an opportunity to provide information or suspicion of a serious misconduct or something that is not in line with our values and ethical principles and that may seriously affect our organization or a person's life or health.

Whistleblowing can be done anonymously through our reporting channel, which is managed by our independent partner, Interaktiv Säkerhet.

Nordlo's Whistleblowing channel

”For Nordlo,
sustainability is about
helping customers to
make sustainable choices
in all respects”

Nordlo provides support – for a brighter future

We believe that the road towards a sustainable everyday life is much more than secure, energy-efficient IT operations. This is why we work with non-profit-making projects and activities in order to support organisations that we believe help our society to be a better place. Some charity projects are long-term, while others take the form of one-off measures. Here are some of the many organisations that Nordlo supports.

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5 pillars for a sustainable organisation

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