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While we are growing and developing our customer relations in the Nordic market, we are also gearing up our work to achieve more responsible technology, a better society and a greener world around us. Like society in general, the IT industry is facing the challenge of achieving the global goals and succeeding in the transition to a circular economy. 

We know that the possibility of making a positive impact can start in a sustainable IT environment, which is why we want to help our customers make sustainable choices.

Find out more about how we help organisations on their journey, work to give back to the society in which we operate and strive to ensure that we have the most satisfied customers and employees in the industry.

Nordlos sustainability report

Why are sustainable data centres important? 

There are currently around nine million data centres, which account for approx. 2% of all carbon dioxide emissions and approx. 3% of all energy consumption worldwide, which is more than the entire aviation industry. As we digitalise more and more, energy consumption will also increase. It will therefore be incredibly important to actively choose sustainable data centres for your IT operations.

Because if we are to create a more sustainable society, our data centres must also be energy-efficient and environment-friendly. 

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More is more 

At Nordlo, we know that diversity of all kinds strengthens our entire organisation. We know that more perspectives contribute to better decisions and boost our innovative force. This is why we work actively for equality, inclusion and diversity within the whole Group. Nordlo More is our Group-wide initiative to promote these issues and to make all employees aware of this work. 

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Nordlo provides support – for a brighter future

We believe that the road towards a sustainable everyday life is much more than secure, energy-efficient IT operations. This is why we work with non-profit-making projects and activities in order to support organisations that we believe help our society to be a better place. Some charity projects are long-term, while others take the form of one-off measures. Here are some of the many organisations that Nordlo supports.

”For Nordlo,
sustainability is about
helping customers to
make sustainable choices
in all respects”

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