Recent years have seen an increase in IT breaches aimed at companies, and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and difficult to discover. By investing in your security, you discover threats in time and minimise the risks of interruptions and data losses.

We offer IT security services that include the implementation of technological solutions, training courses and processes for operationally adapted protection against external threats. Together we create a secure foundation for your business.

Information security

Protect valuable information from unauthorised parties and make sure the right person has access. Nordlo helps you to guarantee that your information is managed and protected correctly by such means as information classification, training courses, identity and access rights management, and encryption.

Cyber security

When security threats become more advanced, we make sure that your IT environment meets the very latest cyber security requirements. With services that cover the entire NIST framework and a SOC that is staffed around the clock, we can respond quickly to threats and protect your business against attacks and expensive shutdowns.

Security Awareness

Make your employees the first line of defence against security threats. We offer training that helps your employees to increase their awareness and knowledge of security threats, and also how to manage data, communication, hardware and applications in a secure way.

Security analysis

Let us support your security work and identify threats through a security analysis. We use methods including penetration tests and vulnerability analyses as a basis for helping you to set up a security baseline consisting of policies, processes and tools that provide the protection your business needs

Why Nordlo

Get closer to digital harmony

We want to be close to our customers. That's why we make sure we get to know your business inside out. With our solutions adapted to you and your employees, there is less distance between technology and users, allowing you to focus on more value-adding tasks.

Close collaboration

For you as a customer, Nordlo is a partner that is always on hand. We understand your business and base our delivery on close collaboration and a high level of service.

A focus on sustainability

We guide you towards sustainable digital solutions that develop your organisation, and we assume responsibility for society.

Responsibility for the whole

When you outsource all or parts of your IT to us, we create solutions adapted to meet your company’s specific needs, so that you can focus on other things.

We drive change

We strive to create a long-term partnership in which we work together to improve, challenge and develop new ways to drive your business forwards.

Want to find out more about security and risk management?

We’d be delighted to tell you more about how Nordlo can help your business and employees to work more securely and to create the right foundation for a secure IT environment.

Create a safe and secure business with Nordlo’s IT security services

We offer wide-ranging IT security services that cover the whole NIST framework, to protect your company’s most important assets – your data and information.

Our experts help you to create guidelines for incident management and to make sure that your processes are secure. We adopt a holistic approach to your IT security, to prevent and protect your business and to discover, manage and restore should an incident happen.

  • Identify and prevent. Let Nordlo set up preventive protection against security threats. This is achieved by such means as security analyses, penetration tests, training courses and producing an IT policy.
  • Protect. Enhance your security with protection against breaches, spam, phishing and ransomware by such means as access control, firewalls and antivirus protection. We also offer more advanced MSSP services such as DDoS protection and endpoint protection.
  • Discover and manage. We make use of monitoring, log management/SIEM and SOC services to discover threats in time. If an incident does occur, Nordlo makes sure that the damage is limited.
  • Restore. Our services in backup and restore, combined with experience of setting up disaster recovery and business continuity plans, mean that your business will quickly be up and running again if an incident were to occur.

We help to create a strong security culture for your employees 

We help to create a strong security culture for your employees
A strong security culture is absolutely crucial for a secure business, and it is important to train employees to create such a culture.

We can support you with regular training sessions and simulated attacks to raise awareness among employees. This is an effective, educational and user-friendly way of passing on knowledge of the latest cyber threats, while giving company management a good picture of the level of security among employees.

Security with a focus on the user

With us, you can rely on having a secure partner at your side. We always put the user first and create solutions with the right conditions to secure your digital assets.

Market-leading technology. With market-leading technology, we create solutions adapted to your unique conditions and needs.

The solutions of the future. Security is the cornerstone of our one-stop delivery, which means that we have well-established processes and can manage tomorrow’s challenges with proactive solutions.

Experts on hand. Our experts are always close at hand, analysing potential threats. As a customer, you can obtain advice and assistance whenever you need it – around the clock, every day of the year.

Continuous improvement. We are driven to improve all the time and, based on data collected and analyses, we give you practical suggested improvements to minimise your risks.

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