Managed services

Create a one-stop solution for your IT through Managed Services  

Managed Services can provide your business with the adapted solutions to provide business value without needing to incur major costs for its own IT department, IT infrastructure, Application Development and Application Management. Engaging a supplier for a one-stop undertaking, e.g. for IT infrastructure or Application Management is becoming an increasingly common option in many companies, as it is a cost-efficient solution, while at the same time bringing in more wide-ranging competence and achieving better results.

When a business grows or shrinks quickly, there are many benefits, for example, in having outsourced their IT operation or clients to a provider. The provider should of course have a stable, secure and flexible infrastructure, but also a good collaboration model and an opportunity to help the client develop.

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Benefits of Managed Services:

  • It's more cost efficient

    Outsourcing your IT reduces your costs and increases cost control. You don’t need to invest in infrastructure and avoid unforeseen cost increases. 

  • You get a flexible, scalable solution

    You can also scale your IT up or down when needs change, and you don’t need to commit over time or make sure you have the right capacity or competence available. Your IT platform is updated continuously and you have agreed service levels for all management.

  • Your organisation becomes more efficient 

    Your employees can focus on the core business, and you enjoy both faster and better support.

  • You have enhanced competitive strength 

    With access to greater competence and more resources for your IT, combined with the fact that you can focus on what benefits your business, your business will become more competitive. 

Is your company considering a one-stop solution for your IT?

By using Managed Services and outsourcing your IT security to a provider with both high levels of competence and the right resources, you create the right conditions for an effective IT environment.

Do you want to find out more about how Nordlo delivers Managed Services to its clients? Read about some of our clients who chose to outsource their IT to us:

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