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Certified and security-classified delivery of IT security

IT security has become increasingly important, the more connected devices we have in our offices and our everyday lives. Nordlo offers comprehensive solutions for IT security, with services produced in both Sweden and Norway. We meet the requirements of government agencies and have relevant ISO certification in the field of information security.

When you collaborate with Nordlo, security is high up on the agenda. We train you in IT security, offer two-factor authentication, secure connections outside the office in the form of VPN services, protection against viruses and malware, phishing attacks, ransomware, network deficiencies and breaches, and help you to make sure that you have continuously updated cyber protection. 

When we take care of your IT security, you as a company can work effectively and securely, both internally and with your customers. Nordlo takes care of the environment, function and management using the very best technology.  

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Why is it important to prioritise IT security?

  • The world is becoming increasingly digital
    Digitalisation is making companies increasingly connected, which means that documents and files are saved in the cloud, agreements are signed with digital signatures and meetings take place online. As more and more things are happening online, it is important to take action and make investments to protect your company’s digital assets.
  • Protection against breaches
    Possible causes of breaches might be theft, extortion, sabotage or espionage, i.e. people who want to harm your company. By means of good, preventive IT security, you make sure that they can never access your information.
  • It’s important to discover breaches in time
    When implementing technological solutions and processes, it must be possible to discover breaches and threats in time in order to isolate and limit the damage, and be able to restore everything effectively. In many companies this work is performed by a central department known as SOC (Security Operations Centre).

Is your company considering outsourcing your IT security to a provider?

By investing in your IT security and outsourcing it to a provider with both high levels of competence and the right resources, you create the right conditions for a secure IT environment.

Do you want to find out more about how Nordlo delivers IT security to its clients? Read about some of our clients who chose to outsource their IT security to us:

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