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Nordlo takes care of and manages your IT operations

Nordlo offers comprehensive solutions for infrastructure, cloud services and operations. From different forms of cloud services to server operations in data centres, where you can hand over responsibility to us.

We offer practical advice about your infrastructure and offer virtual servers, hosting, storage, backup and operational service. As you only pay for what you use, the infrastructure is easy to scale up or down, according to your needs. Many companies need, for example, more server capacity during the months of the year when they have the most traffic or the highest sales. When you collaborate with Nordlo, this is both cost-efficient and easy to manage.

Nordlo also takes care of and assumes responsibility for servers, databases, middleware and applications. We offer Kubernetes Operations and have Open Stack solutions, e.g. for your DevOps. This gives you a comprehensive solution for your infrastructure with Nordlo as your business partner.

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What characterises reliable IT operations?

  • High uptime
    Secure, reliable IT operations require high levels of uptime, i.e. that services run for a long time with no or few interruptions.
  • Flexibility and scalability
    Regardless of whether the business is growing or shrinking, IT operations have to be scaled up or down easily to meet your needs.
  • Security and redundancy
    With a reliable infrastructure, security is top of the agenda. Whether it’s about data centres, backup or protection against breaches. Redundancy means that the data and services are duplicated.
  • Proactive collaboration
    A good provider of reliable IT operations helps their clients to achieve a good solution and better commercial benefit through positive collaboration.

Is your company considering outsourcing infrastructure and cloud services to a provider?

By investing in your IT infrastructure and outsourcing it to a provider with both high levels of competence and the right resources, you create the right conditions for an effective IT environment.

Do you want to find out more about how Nordlo delivers infrastructure and cloud services to its clients? Read about some of our clients who chose to outsource their infrastructure to us:

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