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IT for the workplace

We provide you with everything from computers, monitors and mobile telephones to other digital tools to help your employees enjoy a smooth running working day.

We focus on making sure your employees have the right IT support

To enable you to focus on what you are best at – your business – we take care of what your employees need at the workplace. This can include computers, monitors, mobile telephones, constant software updates or achieving the right level of security. We offer effective product supply and logistics, life cycle management, client management and device administration.

We take care of licensing, backups, shared workspaces and cloud services, including Office 365. Because we take care of all the administrative chores, you can be rest assured that your IT environment will always work as it should so that you can focus on the things that make your business profitable.

With Nordlo, you get all your IT on one single invoice at a fixed monthly rate. Simple, flexible, and safe. 

Fields of application

  • Clients – Product supply and logistics, PC, Mac, mobile devices, life cycle management, client management, full workstation management, full mobile device management (MDM
  • Platforms and licenses (e.g. office 365), License management, Client backup, Shared workspaces & Cloud services
  • Support

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"Why change a winning concept? We have been fully satisfied, both with the deliveries and our partnership with Nordlo.”

- Leif Karlsson, CEO, Orio

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