IT security

IT security is a constant process in which Nordlo works proactively and close to your business together with the industry's leading operators.

Certified and classified security delivered by IT security

IT security is becoming increasingly important the more connected devices we have in our offices and everyday lives. Nordlo offers comprehensive IT security solutions with services produced in Sweden and Norway, and we make sure that everyone who works with security is always security classified. We meet authority requirements and have the relevant ISO certificates in information security.

Security is always a priority in Nordlo collaborations. We train you in IT security and offer two-factor authentication, secure connections outside the office by means of VPN services and protection against viruses, hacker attacks, intrusion and network defects, and we also help you make sure security stays on the agenda.

When Nordlo is managing the security in your company, you are able to work efficiently and securely both internally and with your customers. We take care of the environment, functions and processes using the best technology. 

Fields of application

  • IT Security – Two-factor authentication, Secure connections outside the office (VPN), PAM, Protection against viruses, hacking, intrusion and network defects.
  • IT Security infrastructure – Firewalls, Anti virus, Monitoring, Incident management
  • Enhanced security services

Enhanced security services

More services for the working day

"The collaboration has been characterized by an open and constructive dialogue where Nordlo contribute with deep competence to maintain and further develop our IT services. Therefore, it has also been natural to continue the journey and cooperation”

- Simon Hellmuth, Head of IT, Greencarrier

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