IT for the office

By using the right digital conditions for everything from meeting rooms and networks to printers, you can work more efficiently than ever – both from and outside the office.

Work effectively at the office
or away 

Nordlo takes care of everything that has to do with the digital working environment. We make sure that your local network functions as it should, whether you are at the workplace or if you have to hold an immediate meeting wherever you are. When Nordlo takes care of your IT environment, you also enjoy faultless document processing.

If you have had enough of your messy meeting room technology, then you are not alone. Nordlo is an expert at taking care of everything from digital meeting tools and conference rooms to audiovisual aids. We show you how the technology works and we are with you every step of the way toward digital harmony also in the meeting room. Should any problems arise, we are always there to help.

Fields of application

  • Document processing (Print)
    Follow me print
  • Dokumenthantering (Print)
    Follow me print
  • Meeting rooms and conference room solutions
    Digital information provision
  • Print – information centre for printouts, entering documents, shared and personal storage, security

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"We are extremely pleased with the results; the technology is simple and elegant to use. It creates a professional impression in meetings with our customers, while the functions provide a flexible working day for our employees"

- Marcus Johansson, IT coordinator at HSB Göta

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