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Secure IT infrastructure

Whether your data must be stored on a local server, in the cloud or in a hybrid solution, we will meet your needs. We also take care of the communication to your platform.

Monthly payments for a functioning infrastructure

Nordlo offers private, public and hybrid cloud services. Nordlo takes responsibility for the servers and the infrastructure needs you purchase from us in the form of a service. You avoid owning hardware and only pay a monthly fee to cover your infrastructure needs. This means better security, confidentiality and adaptation to your particular business.

We provide down-to-earth advice concerning your infrastructure and offer virtual servers, hosting, storage, backup and operational services. Because you only pay for what you use, the infrastructure is simple to upgrade or scale back depending on your needs. For example, many companies need more server capacity during seasons when they have most traffic or most sales. This becomes both cost-effective and easy to use in a collaboration with Nordlo.

Nordlo can also take care of your operations. We are responsible for service, databases, middleware and applications. This means you get a total solution for your infrastructure with Nordlo as your partner.

Fields of application

  • Private cloud services (IaaS, PaaS - Virtual Server, OS, Database
  • Public cloud services - Azure, AWS, Google
  • Central networks (WAN, fibre)
  • Hybrid IT, IT Operations & Administration - Server operation, Database operation, Middleware operation, Application operation

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