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A functioning working day is all about choosing the right IT support

A functioning working day requires technology that is not only easy-to-use but also adapted to suit your particular business needs. At Nordlo, we know that it's not possible to use the same solutions for each and every company. So we work closely with our customers to provide the services and tools best suited to their particular business needs and that also provides sustainable effects.

Nordlo provides solutions that make it easier for you to be more efficient at work. We take care of everything from your employees’ IT equipment, business critical infrastructure and security to developing and implementing new applications. You avoid the hassle of technology and always get help if something should not work properly.

IT services for your working day

By using the right digital conditions for everything from meeting rooms and networks to printers, you can work more efficiently than ever – both from and outside the office.

We provide you with everything from computers, monitors and mobile telephones to other digital tools to help your employees enjoy a smooth running working day.

Whether your data must be stored on a local server, in the cloud or in a hybrid solution, we will meet your needs. We also take care of communication to your platform.

Nordlo makes sure your applications are accessible, properly administered and developed, and ensures the necessary integration between new and existing systems.

In order for your business IT to function perfectly, Nordlo offers customer-focused single point of contact support (SPOC) that are able to take care of your entire IT environment.

IT security is a constant process in which Nordlo works proactively and close to your business together with the leading players in the industry.

When standardised solutions don't make the grade and your company needs to develop existing or create new systems, integrations, applications, databases, intranet platforms, websites and apps, you can turn to Nordlo.

Services for tomorrow

Nordlo creates the right digital conditions for tomorrow

Why change a winning concept? We are fully satisfied with the delivery and partnership with Nordlo"

- Daniel Milovan, Head of IT at Sveriges Ingenjörer.

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