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Digital business development

Make use of digitalisation to develop and streamline work methods and processes, automate manual procedures and visualise data to make data-driven decisions, enabling you to create better conditions for your company to deal with everyday challenges and work smarter.

With innovative solutions, an understanding of your needs and through close collaboration, we at Nordlo are a safe partner for your digital business development.


Create a smooth, efficient working day by automating repetitive tasks. We help you to automate your processes and functions, for example using RPA, chatbots and AI systems, so that you can devote more time to your core business.

Business Intelligence

Analyse and make well-considered decisions based on data collected from various sources and digital tools. We use Business Intelligence solutions to collect and analyse data from your business systems and visualise it in a user-friendly, interactive way to create a better basis for decision-making.

Streamlining the business

Let us help develop and streamline your business by providing support with methodology, competence and advice on how IT and new digital models can supplement and replace your current business processes. Together, we can digitalise flows, work methods and products to improve and develop your business.

IT strategy & innovation

We support you with competence and resources to develop your IT strategy through strategic initiatives, workshops and close collaboration with continuous development. Together, we drive innovation with strategic collaboration.

Why Nordlo

Get closer to digital harmony

We want to be close to our customers. That's why we make sure we get to know your business inside out. With our solutions adapted to you and your employees, there is less distance between technology and users, allowing you to focus on more value-adding tasks.

Close collaboration

For you as a customer, Nordlo is a partner that is always on hand. We understand your business and base our delivery on close collaboration and a high level of service.

A focus on sustainability

We guide you towards sustainable digital solutions that develop your organisation, and we assume responsibility for society.

Responsibility for the whole

When you outsource all or parts of your IT to us, we create solutions adapted to meet your company’s specific needs, so that you can focus on other things.

We drive change

We strive to create a long-term partnership in which we work together to improve, challenge and develop new ways to drive your business forwards.

Want to find out more about digital business development?

Do you want to find out more about how we can help to streamline and optimise your business through digital business development?

Balance digital innovation with security

When you’re working with digitalisation and innovation, it’s important to think about security – but don’t let fear of incidents and breaches stand in the way of innovation.

With the right security solutions, we help you to reduce the risks and streamline your business, while still driving innovation forwards. Together, we balance innovation with security and take your business to new heights.

Make use of the power of digital tools for your sustainability work

Digitalisation and automation result in higher productivity and resource efficiency, but for us, sustainability is also about helping with sustainable choices in the long run, both big and small.

By making use of existing data and the power of digitalisation, we develop solutions that simplify and improve. Both your business and society.

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