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Navigate your way to tomorrow with the right IT support

Nordlo has IT experts who stay abreast of trends, security, innovations, environments etc. This allows us to help you navigate successfully through the many different technical solutions on offer.

Nordlo provides successful navigation in a digital world

We process business intelligence
With Nordlo as your partner, not only do you gain technological solutions, but also a pathway into and through the technological jungle that companies usually have to navigate on their own. Together, we create a strategic plan that strengthens your position in the market.

Nordlo has IT experts who keep abreast of trends, products and services. Based on our skills in various industries and technological solutions, we provide suggestions for improvements to your IT environment. This is not only valuable when we begin working together – the greatest advantage is in the expertise we can provide on an ongoing basis. When new opportunities appear in your industry, Nordlo is there to lead the way.

Moving up to the next level
By working with concrete solutions that can be implemented within a reasonable time frame, we take you from a planned target to an achieved performance. We carry out a strategic and technological analysis to gain a complete picture of your challenges and requirements. Based on this, we then work together to make sure we create solutions that are not only efficient but also sustainable.

Nordlo is the partner that knows your history, has a complete picture of your present situation and can guide you into the future.

New regulations keep on popping up at regular intervals. Many companies spend a great deal of time and money learning about new regulations and taking the necessary measures to achieve compliance.

With Nordlo as your partner, you get the help you need to comply with all the regulations that apply to your industry without having to spend more time on following regulations than you do on developing your business.

There are three main reasons why IT security has become such a hot issue. Firstly, IT-based threats are on the increase, both in the form of DDoS attacks and data intrusion. Secondly, exposure to threats cost companies a great deal of money. And last but not least, vulnerability is on the increase as ever more companies consist of an extensive network of integrated systems, platforms and tools.

Today, IT security is something all companies must work constantly with. To avoid threats, everybody in a business must be trained in what makes an IT environment secure, and we can help you with that.

Sustainability (ESG)
Nordlo is environmentally certified. We can help you work with sustainability in various work scenarios, and we are experts in life cycle management. Good sustainability leads to cost savings in the form of more agile processes and a leaner, more flexible organisation.

We also offer digital communication solutions to help you manage both internal and external communication without having to travel the length and breadth of the country.

Services and advantages

  • Guidance and recommendations for new digital services
  • Expertise in systems and applications that affect business-related services
  • Direction and business intelligence for successful business choices and development
  • Nordlo's consultants and administrators (TAM) will help you navigate the digital world.

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"We are so pleased to have found a supplier that is not only able to provide us with a functioning working day, but also assist us with our strategic IT work and help us take the right decisions for tomorrow's challenges"

- Beatrice Singleton, Marketing Manager, Montico

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