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Let the right IT solutions improve your customer offers

We hold a strategic workshop that focuses on improving your customer offers and associated processes, so that the platforms and tools you offer are user-friendly and easy to understand.

Create attractive organizational development offers

New, improved offers for your customers

Insights into how your business can grow and perform at its best are invaluable. By discussing and analysing your business together with you, we create an understanding of what is needed in order to supply your customers today, tomorrow and in the future.

We help you develop better offers for your customers, and make sure that the platforms and tools you offer are user-friendly and easy to understand. When your customers understand the technology, there is less pressure on your support, which means shorter lead times.

We take complete stock of all your licenses, systems and platforms. Not only does this mean you have a better overview of what your system catalogue actually contains, but it also means your business will become more agile and no longer dependent on hundreds of different tools, instead a few can do the same job more efficiently.

Digitisation services

The advantages of a digitised business are many. When your assets are digitised, you have better access to them, which in turn enables you to make better decisions, become more productive and create the conditions for innovation. This also means better, more modern customer offers. It's important to meet your customers where they are right now, and the first step toward that goal is to digitise your business.

Nordlo supplies IT services and services within Big Data that enable data collection and decision support. Because you have access to your resources, they can be used to create a better digital presence. Many companies have a digital presence whose primary focus is digital strategy, and Nordlo can help you unearth what is hidden in piles of paper and transform it into a strategic asset. We also work with decision support systems, BI and automation, which provide great benefit for your customers as your offer will be more suited to their wishes and requirements.

Services and advantages

  • Digital solutions that lead to a developed business with more customers
  • Changed working methods and procedures with digital support
  • IoT, Big Data etc. to aid data collection and decision support
  • Nordlo's customer managers, consultants and systems architects develop your business using modern IT solutions.

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“Nordlo makes sure 
we don't suffer downtime and that we are available 24/7 to our customers who are often in other time zones or have an urgent need
to reach us”

- Anne-Kristin Krzyzowski, Head of Production at Norsk Tur

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