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Develop your business using the right IT solutions.

We carry out a strategic analysis of your business delivering a report with suggestions on how you can further develop your business with the aid of IT and digital working methods.

Business development together with Nordlo

Strategic analysis
We carry out the technical and strategic analysis together with you to gain a proper picture of your business. By meeting you on your premises we learn how you work, what your challenges are and what concrete solutions you might need. This way, you gain a partner who can help you get closer to digital harmony.

We talk to the management and the employees in your business operation. This will allow us to discover bottlenecks and everyday problems that otherwise escape attention in a more general, birds-eye view.

We offer analysis to both new and existing customers. For existing customers we set up an annual cycle where we create the conditions for ongoing collaboration. By discussing your business and its IT requirements, we enable you to stay one step ahead.

Digital working methods
We can also help you with insights into the digital tools and systems that are most suitable for your company and its needs.

Digital working methods also mean your procedures can be given a boost. Studies have shown that this leads to greater employee satisfaction and improved productivity. And as a major bonus, you also become a more eco-friendly, sustainable company.

Collaborating with Nordlo means you gain access to the digital tools you need to work as productively and efficiently as possible, but without ever forgetting the human being behind the tool. This leads to a stronger financial performance and better profitability for your business.

IT solutions that create value
Nordlo prioritises solutions that create value for our customers and IT that makes a difference in the workplace. Together we create the KPIs and results you need to control in order to grow. We analyse your needs and present solutions that provide clear benefit based on your reality and working day.

Nordlo is the partner you can rely on when you need IT solutions that make a difference to your business.

Services and advantages

  • Technological and strategic analysis
  • Digital working methods – IT solutions that help you meet KPIs; Changed working methods and procedures with digital support
  • Platforms and tools
  • Nordlo's customer managers, consultants and systems architects develop your business using modern IT solutions.

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“We are not finished yet, 
but now we have a firm foundation to stand on. The systems we have moved in so far are showing outstanding performance. They have exceeded all our

- Peter Lilja, Head of IT, Gina Tricot

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