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With specialists all over Sweden and Norway, Nordlo is always close at hand

With Nordlo’s consultants and specialists, you avoid spending money on maintaining your own IT department, but still have competence on site in the business, whether it’s a position you need until further notice or you just need help a few hours a week. You get help with everything from strategic work and development projects to productivity consultants and developers.

We believe in being close to our clients, and thanks to the fact that Nordlo has a presence all over Sweden and Norway, our consultants and specialists are always local and close to our clients’ businesses

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What are the benefits of consultants and specialists?

  • Get help directly in your business
    You don't need to hire someone, but still get help directly in your business. On site or remotely.
  • Get the right competence with extensive experience
    By picking consultants and specialists from a provider, you can rest assured that you’re getting the competence you need. They also have extensive experience from other clients and previous assignments, which helps them to identify new solutions and ideas.

Is your company considering bringing in consultants or specialists?

By bringing in Consultants and Specialists from a provider, you create the right conditions for the company’s IT.

Do you want to find out more about how Nordlo’s Specialists work? Read some of our case studies below:

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