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Private cloud & IT operations

Create a flexible and secure IT environment tailored to your needs, whether in the cloud, on-prem or on your own platform. We offer high-performance and redundant services produced in our data centers, with a focus on availability, security, and scalability.

Compliant private cloud

We take overall responsibility for your infrastructure and create a scalable and reliable IT environment, customized to your needs. Nordlo provides system operation, security services, and cloud compliance, ensuring your data is protected, managed, and stored in accordance with legal requirements and regulations. Realize your ideas with cloud solutions in our own data centers. 

Hybrid cloud services

With hybrid cloud services, you get the best of both worlds. The flexibility and innovation of public cloud combined with security and proximity on-prem. We offer outsourcing of operations and high availability through redundant systems and security solutions. Harness the innovative power of a hybrid cloud solution — simple, flexible, and scalable.

How to achieve a successful migration to the cloud

When your company starts the journey to the cloud, it can be reassuring to have an experienced IT partner to help you through the migration. With Nordlo as your partner, you can expect a close and committed collaboration where we get to know your business in depth. This is how we execute a cloud migration.

Create an understanding of your goals and vision
Firstly, we develop a target image based on your thoughts and visions about innovation, security, automation, and cost. We also do a risk analysis to show the risks and challenges of the cloud strategy.

Conduct a technical analysis to find the right solution
The technical analysis is based on your corporate culture, security requirements, technical requirements, existing systems, and budget. The goal is to create a smooth transition to a cloud solution that suits your business.

Confirm insights with a qualitative analysis
We continue with a qualitative analysis where we use interviews to ensure that the technical analysis is consistent with the employees' view of the business.

Select a solution and educate your staff
After completing the analyses, we determine which cloud service best suits your business. We place great emphasis on education so employees can fully utilize your new cloud solution.

Three benefits of private cloud services for businesses

Cloud-based services serve as powerful catalysts for digital transformation across businesses of all sizes. Whether you use private, public or hybrid cloud solutions, we can introduce innovative technologies and new ways of working. Helping you remain competitive in a constantly evolving digital landscape. We list three benefits of working in the cloud:

  1. Scalability. Scale up and down your technology resources as needed, without having to invest in new hardware.
  2. Flexibility. Adapt to new business needs and opportunities by adding, removing, or testing new tools and resources.
  3. Cost efficiency. Enable resource efficiency through a well-designed cloud model where you pay for what you use, with no surprises.


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