Business-Oriented IT

Customised solutions and navigation to give your business the right IT support

For your company to function as efficiently as possible, it’s important that you have full control over your own systems. With Nordlo as a business partner, you have simple access to the best applications for your company, which helps you to be as productive as possible. 

Most companies have solutions that don’t always have the desired effect. Companies can have special needs in one or more areas, where “off the shelf” products are simply not good enough. Sometime more specialised process management is needed than the finance system, for example, can offer. Another time, it can be necessary to integrate older systems with new systems, to digitalise manual work processes and avoid valuable data or methods being lost. This usually involves the integration, design of a new database and transfer of data from the old systems, or a totally new application, developed from scratch and tailored to meet customer-specific needs.

As your IT partner, Nordlo helps to keep an eye on your existing applications, further develop your application directory and link your applications with existing and new business systems. We also take care of migration, documentation, administration and Software as a Service (SaaS). 

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What benefits do companies enjoy with effective Business-Oriented IT?

  • Provides a better customer experience
    Through the digitalisation of your processes and systems together with automation, you will create simpler work methods for your employees. Your products and services will also be more user-friendly for your customers.
  • Enhanced time efficiency
    With effective business support, time-consuming manual work processes can be digitalised, time thieves eliminated and staff can focus to a greater extent on creating value in your business.
  • Remain competitive
    By investing in continued digitalisation through the right applications, integration and development, you follow the future and remain competitive.
  • Better licence management
    Many services and applications are cloud services and usually require a licence for this. It is therefore important to have a provider that can offer support with the purchase, installation and maintenance of these.

Is your company considering prioritising Business-Oriented IT?

By investing in Business-Oriented IT and buying it from a provider with both high levels of competence and the right resources, you create the right conditions for effective IT.

Do you want to find out more about how Nordlo delivers Business-Oriented IT to its clients? Read about some of our clients who chose to outsource their infrastructure to us:

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