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We help you to grow with the right IT solutions and are passionate about building up strong, close relationships.

With total responsibility for your IT and digitalisation

With a high level of personal engagement, we deliver sustainable IT solutions adapted to meet your company’s specific needs. We assume total responsibility for your IT and digitalisation, so you can focus on what you think is most fun – your core business.

We believe in building strong, close relationships that give us an understanding of your needs and your business, and make sure that you’re prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead. We assume full responsibility, from support and analysis to day-to-day operations, and monitor your IT environment around the clock. With flexible solutions that can easily be upscaled or downscaled, we have the best possible means to create efficient everyday lives for you and your employees.

We offer customised, one-stop solutions; everything from outsourcing for large companies and government agencies to specialised IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. We have deep, broad, industry-specific expertise in areas including retail and manufacturing industry, which has been built up and refined over many years.

You can always expect personal service from us, as we make sure you get the help you need, when you need it, and manage all contact with third-party suppliers, so that your work can proceed with as few concerns as possible. Our specialists guide you to produce creative solutions and efficiency in your digital journey, and enable your company to grow sustainably.

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Phone: +46 950 277 40

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Phone: +46 950 277 50

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Johan Bålhammar

E-mail: johan.balhammar@nordlo.com

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