Welcome to Nordlo in Bergen

Nordlo in Bergen (formerly Lerøen Datapartner) is a full-service supplier of IT solutions to companies based in Vestland, West Norway.

Long-term relationships create added value

At the heart of our offering are data centres, cloud computing services, IT operations and consulting services. We have 45 employees working with customers in the media, publishing industry and transport, energy, and industrial sectors.

We also specialise in development
Nordlo Bergen has its own team that specializes in development, delivering solutions ranging from small, independent websites to large, customized portals and applications with hundreds of thousands of users. These solutions are mainly run from our own data centre but can also be placed locally with the customer, or in the cloud, if required.

Websites can be delivered running on well-known platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, both of which are solid, secure and effective solutions for user-managed publication, with millions of users the world over.

In addition to programming, we also have a lot of experience and expertise in management, architecture, design, modelling, and integration as well as update and maintenance of existing systems. We always consult with the customer when it comes to the choice of platform and service in order to provide the best solution.

Our goal is always to deliver added value for our customers, which is why we believe in long-term relationships in which we continually provide our commitment, expertise and capacity in order to achieve superior quality and the best solutions.

We help our customers throughout the project, from planning and specification to implementation, management, release and maintenance. Our solutions are delivered in project form, often with our own staff, but sometimes also in tandem with the customer’s own resources.

Welcome to Nordlo Bergen


Phone: +47 55 36 20 20

E-mail: support.bergen@nordlo.com

Sales manager

Rune Trædal

Phone: +47 930 90 305

E-mail: rune.tredal@nordlo.com


Bjørn André Lerøen

Phone: +47 905 29 845

E-mail: bjorn.leroen@nordlo.com

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