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Nordlo Goes Against the Grain - Invests in IT Company with a Local Presence in Stockholm City

Dicom in Stockholm City is now a part of Nordlo. The IT company separates themselves from the competition in their region by having a clear local presence, while also having the muscles to grow.

Dicom has been established in Stockholm City since 1997. Their customers are usually small and medium sized companies, foundations, and organizations needing a close and personal partner for safe and sound digitalization.

The new company will still have a local focus, keeping the customer at the center of the business. They will also have stronger financial muscles, which will help the local offices to use global cloud services and adapt them for local companies and organizations in Stockholm. It is primarily small and medium sized companies that will want to consume cloud services, in order both to create greater efficiency in their businesses and to offer better services and products to their own customers.

– We can bundle and deliver high quality cloud services at an attractive price compared to if customers do it themselves. This combined with a local presence, personal engagement, and high customer satisfaction will mean that many will choose Nordlo as their partner, says Claes Willén.

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