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Nordlo Goes Against the Grain - Invests in IT Company with a Local Presence in Borås

Office IT-Partner in Borås is now a part of Nordlo. The IT company separates themselves from the competition in their region by having a clear local presence, while also having the muscles to grow and widen their offering to their customers.

– We invest in strong local actors where we can get closer to our customers, understand their challenges, and help them where they are, in Eskilstuna. Nordlo’s local focus is the right fit for our market here, and it also benefits local businesses, says Per Bidemyr, CEO Nordlo Borås.

Office IT-Partner in Borås recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary as they established themselves in April 2009. Their customers are usually medium sized companies and corporations needing help with making their systems more efficient and lowering the total IT expenditure. The company will still be focused on being a local actor with the goal to always go the extra mile to exceed customer expectations.

Nordlo’s financial muscles will help local offices to use global cloud services and adapt them for local companies and organizations in Sjuhäradsbygden, Varberg, and Gothenburg. It is primarily small and medium sized companies that will want to consume cloud services, in order both to create greater efficiency in their businesses and to offer better services and products to their own customers.

– We can bundle and deliver cloud services at an attractive price compared to if customers do it themselves, and simultaneously deliver greater quality. That is something I believe many people are willing to invest in, says Per Bidemyr.

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