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New IT Company Nordlo Invests in Nyköping - Hires Five People

Office IT-partner in Nyköping is now part of Nordlo. With new financial muscles the company will double their turnover in three years, starting with hiring five people in Nyköping.

– With the support of a big group we will get even better at helping local customers. We will be able to use group wide resources in order to make it easier and more efficient for companies and organizations in the Nyköping region, says Anders Strömsten, CEO Nordlo Nyköping.

With 25 employees, Office IT partner has been established in Nyköping since 1992 and is a local IT engine for many companies. Klövern, micro brewery Nils Oscar, Mitronic, and Heda Skandinavien are some of their local customers. Now being a part of Nordlo after a merger of four IT companies in Sweden and Norway, there will be more resources that we can use to help customers reach greater efficiency and work towards offering better services to their customers.

Nordlo has an explicit local focus and with about 1 000 prospective customers in the region and the surrounding area, in combination with being close to Stockholm, the group management sees the region around Nyköping as an important part of the local investment. To start with, they will hire five new people.

- Nordlo really believes in having a local presence, and it is great for us to get right into hiring and expanding in Nyköping, says Anders Strömsten.

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Anders Strömsten, CEO Nordlo Nyköping, 0155-29 37 01, anders.stromsten@nordlo.com

Tech company Nordlo was founded in 2018 after a merger between Zetup, Office IT-Partner, Dicom, and Norwegian IT Total. Focusing on consultations and a local presence, the new group will be a strong Nordic competitor in cloud services, infrastructure, and digitalization for both national and international organizations. Nordlo employs about 600 employees in 36 locations in Sweden and Norway, and has an annual turnover of 1.3 billion SEK. Learn more here: https://nordlo.com/

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