Axel Löfquist

Service technician, Nordlo Stockholm City, Stockholm

"As a service technician, I provide support to our existing customers, so should any of our customers need help with an IT issue, I'm one of the team that's at their service! We take care of all kinds of IT-related issues, including everything from password replacements and simple problems with Microsoft Office to more complicated troubleshooting in your systems.”

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Axel Löfquist


What's Nordlo like as a workplace? 
If you ask me, Nordlo is an excellent workplace. I love going to work in the morning and I think it's great once I'm here. There's almost always a great atmosphere and all my colleagues are really agreeable and great fun. 

What’s the most challenging thing about Nordlo? What kind of challenges do you come across in a working day?
Different days bring different challenges. Because I'm relatively new at Nordlo, I encounter new, interesting scenarios every day. Direct contact with Nordlo's customers has been stimulating, as it also means direct contact with many different customers' systems.

What advice would you give someone who wants to work at Nordlo?
The best advice I can give anyone right now is don't hesitate to apply to Nordlo! It's a decision they'll never come to regret.

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