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Following a procurement for IT services, Stadsmissionens Skolstiftelse has now chosen Nordlo as its IT supplier – for today and for the future.

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The challenge

Stadsmissionens Skolstiftelsehas almost 400 employees and about 3000 students throughout its secondary schools and colleges around Mälardalen. The organisation needed a new IT provider to take total responsibility for all its day-to-day IT services and to take strategic responsibility and advise on the choice of services and technology. A procurement was therefore initiated to provide server operation, communication and fibre connections, workplaces, mobile telephony, printing and strategic partnership.

“We chose Nordlo because, during the procurement process they showed us they could offer what we needed; in other words, they could understand our situation and talk to us in a way that we understood, given our lack of technical competence. Their offer of IT as a service was also very attractive to us,as was the impression that they valued us very highly as a customer”

- Per Kassman, digitisation manager for Stadsmissionens Skolstiftelse.

The solution

Stadmissionens Skolstiftelse chose to have Nordlo provide IT as a service; in other words, flexible IT solutions for server operation, workplaces, clients and printing with associated support. Strategic partnership forms a natural aspect of the agreement, with a proactive perspective included in all projects.

To ensure quality throughout the delivery, the projects have been divided into phases sharing an order of priority. The first delivery takes place for the start of the new school term in August and includes an improved student platform and clients for new students. In parallel with this, a preliminary process forms the basis for the broader implementation and migration of the server environment that will take place during the autumn.

The strategic partnership permeates the weekly dialogue that continuously handles any issues that have arisen, ensuring the expected delivery of all of the project’s parts. It is expected that the first part of the delivery of everyday IT services will be completed by the turn of the year 2019/2020. This will then be transformed into an administration project, leaving room for continued work to develop the customer’s business and goals, which will be carried out according to Nordlo’s concept for the future.

“We were impressed by Nordlo’s proactive approach during the procurement process. They asked the right questions, and gave us clear answers to our own questions. This meant that we discovered a number of important points we might otherwise have missed”, continues Per.

Customer benefit

Stadmissionens Skolstiftelse now feels it has a supplier that can both satisfy the needs of its day-to-day IT operations and ensure everything works as it should, but can also act as a strategic partner to help the organisation work proactively with IT and digitalisation. With flexible solutions for IT as a service, Stadmissionens Skolstiftelse avoids ending up with obsolete equipment, and only pays for what it needs at any given time.

Stadmissionens Skolstiftelse is an idea-based, non-profit organisation with the goal of providing education for everyone. It operates secondary schools under the name of Grillska and adult education via Stadsmissionens Folkhögskola and Stadsmissionens Yrkeshögskola. The six secondary schools operated by Grillska Gymnasiet throughout Mälardalen have around 2800 students, and Stadmissionens Skolstiftelse’s courses have a total of 3000 participants.

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