Gina Tricot
always keeps tabs
on its IT thanks
to Nordlo

Gina Tricot had IT provider problems, both at its head office in Sweden and between various country offices and stores.

The challenge

The technical infrastructure – networks, server environment and backup solution performed poorly, the clients were slow, access to applications was inadequate and the user experience was generally poor. In other words, the provision of IT services was anything but stable.

When none of the IT suppliers involved could say where the problems lie, Gina Tricot contacted Nordlo and engaged them to carry out a total analysis of the IT environment from clients to servers including both hardware and software. Or as Peter Lilja puts it: “Nordlo helped me put my finger on the problem”.

“It’s obviously not good if the cash register system or e-commerce is down – we’re dependent on reliable IT systems from sketching garments to selling them in stores or over the Internet,” says Joakim Florin, manager for Gina Tricot’s IT operation.

“My colleagues and I in the operations department account for the broad base of underlying skills, while Nordlo provides the cutting-edge. This works really well.”

The solution

The analysis resulted in a number of recommendations that Nordlo was also tasked with implementing. The key term for the initiative was and is rightsourcing, i.e. that the right function is hosted by the right instance. Systems are migrated one by one to new HP servers where there is no need to squabble with others about performance, which has improved capacity enormously – in this case, home means Nordlo’s local server hall.

“We’re not finished yet, but now we have firm ground to stand on. The systems we’ve transferred thus far have shown outstanding performance. They’ve exceeded all of our expectations,” says Peter Lilja.

Nordlo has also installed a new SAN, a new wireless network, a new backup solution and has helped negotiate hardware prices. “Special functions and file servers are running on our own hardware, while such things as email and a number of other functions are now in the cloud. We decide on this function by function,” says Joakim Florin.

Customer benefit

The IT environment is now working as it should throughout the chain; it’s faster, more reliable and flexible and simply allows us to change up a gear. What’s more, our users are satisfied.

“We’re now in complete control – we’ve gone from being one customer among many to masters of our own house. It’s difficult for an IT department to have cutting edge skills in every area,” says Joakim Florin, before adding: “My colleagues and I in the operations department account for the broad base of underlying skills, while Nordlo provides the cutting-edge. This works really well.”

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