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Nordlo helps Upplands-Bro to streamline 
operational flows

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The challenge

Since the partnership between Nordlo and Upplands-Bro Municipality was initiated in 2013, several major projects have been completed and IT maturity has been developed significantly. In 2021, the municipality was nominated as Sweden’s top digitalisation municipality, and down the years the IT environment has become not only more efficient, but also more accessible. The municipality now wants to focus more on security and on continued, strong digitalisation.

Before the partnership with Nordlo, Upplands-Bro Municipality was experiencing inadequate availability and having problems finding the time and opportunity to focus on developing its operations. To succeed in maintaining a high level of security, there was a need to update the organisation’s IT environment. The infrastructure needed to be upgraded and new IT solutions implemented. Many projects had been lying dormant, and levels of security were part of the challenge facing the municipality.

“Our digital environment was like a house where there’d been no maintenance for many years, there was damp in the cellar, cracks in the walls and rain was coming in through the roof. It wasn’t possible to add new functions to the environment.” 

– Johan Hedberg, Head of Digitalisation and IT, Upplands-Bro Municipality

The solution

Since 2013, Nordlo has had full responsibility for delivering IT to Upplands-Bro Municipality, which has involved help with service desk and support, infrastructure, workstations, mobile devices, printing, networks, server capacity and storage. Upplands-Bro now enjoys higher availability and a totally different service level compared with before. The partnership was a reassuring factor for the municipality, as they were suddenly able to rely on deliveries and the availability rate increased. Working together, Nordlo and Upplands-Bro were able to follow up on projects that had been lying dormant for a long time, continuing the organisation’s development. Among other things, Nordlo upgraded the municipality’s network infrastructure and work platform, and guaranteed levels of security in all environments.

“Since the outset, we’ve had a dedicated customer team working closely with the customer on a daily basis. We launched a lot of projects quite early on. Those years saw intensive project work, but through our engagement we were able to acquire an in-depth understanding of the customer’s operations. We’re still reaping the rewards today.” Pål Junhamn, key account manager at Nordlo.

Customer value

For Upplands-Bro, the partnership has brought a major change by streamlining the municipality. Digitalisation has increased availability for the municipality’s residents. Nordlo has made many IT projects possible, and the municipality has had access to a full team of specialists with high-level expertise in different areas of IT operations, architecture and security. Nordlo has been on hand as an IT partner for almost a decade, which has resulted in a good relationship and an understanding of the organisation. The partnership has created basic reassurance and the conditions to develop new innovations.

“We’ve been able to focus on the people we’re here for, our residents! Before the partnership with Nordlo, we spent all our time firefighting and resolving incidents.”

Future development 

Upplands-Bro is continuing its partnership with Nordlo, which now has extended responsibility for IT security and applications. This means starting up various security-related activities and implementing IoT platforms. They are planning the Smart Municipality project together, which aims to build a simpler municipality to live in.

By deploying IoT platforms and devices, in due course it will become possible to obtain information such as the number of parking spaces and visitors to cafés in the municipality. More activities to enhance security have also been implemented, such as multi-factor authentication. The partnership also sees the municipality looking to introduce RPA technology and robotisation to streamline operational flows.

“We’re going to develop solutions for HR activities, implement digital tools in the area of health and social care and other activities that can streamline the municipality’s operational flows. In the past, Upplands-Bro Municipality has implemented IoT solutions in which digital tools were used to monitor the number of parking spaces at bathing sites.” Pål Junhamn

About Upplands-Bro Municipality

Upplands-Bro Municipality is situated in north-western Stockholm, next to the beautiful Lake Mälaren. With more than 30,000 residents and 3,000 registered companies, Upplands-Bro is a vibrant place with a strong local economy. Find out more at upplands-bro.se.

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