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Univers delivers the world's most comprehensive system for renewable energy and has helped customers reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to more than one million tonnes through increased efficiency in renewable production facilities. In addition to the advisory collaboration Nordlo has with Univers, the main contribution is providing security specialists, infrastructure, cloud solutions, and associated security setups.

“Nordlo know us well from working with us for many years and have little turnover of staff. They also have good expertise.”

Univers' Global Expansion and Partnership with Nordlo

Based in Porsgrunn, Norway, Univers has customers all over the world, and their initiatives involve extensive global operations. The company has a long history dating back to 1991 and works on software development and delivery of systems for monitoring and analysing renewable energy production.

John Baaserud, Chief Technical Officer at Univers, explains that they needed more IT capacity in 2018 and chose Nordlo as their supplier.

“We realised that we were going to expand considerably in terms of hosting and needed to build a solid hosting environment in the cloud and locally. It’s been growing ever since, and Nordlo now handles everything from purchasing new equipment to managing more advanced server setups and hosting services,” says Baaserud.

“Communication and interaction have been very good. Nordlo is easy to co-operate with and easy to talk to at all levels. It’s always an advantage to have local consultants available, and it’s no problem to get them to come and sit with us. They know us well from working with us for many years and have little turnover of staff. They also have good expertise. We will grow in the same way in the future, with new customers, and will need services at the same level. There may also be more customers for us to handle together,” Baaserud concludes.

Nordlo delivers cloud services to Univers and works closely with its IT staff on expansion, maintenance, and operations. It was decided to expand to hosting services based on Hyper-V and cloud services in Azure, and security barriers and services have been further developed and updated. Overall, this helps to secure Univers’s data by providing access to systems, good availability, capacity, and performance.

It's been an exciting journey 

Sales Manager at Nordlo Grenland, Bjørnar Stensrud, says that working with Univers has been both exciting and instructive. “There aren’t many companies that have such exciting networks and customers as Univers.”

“When we started working together in 2018, the company was much smaller than it is today. The growth they’ve experienced in recent years means that Univers is always in need of updated and stable security solutions - also for its customers. For us at Nordlo, this is an exciting and important challenge, and the fact that we were involved so early in the process means that we’ve been able to take part in this journey together with the customer,” says Stensrud.

“Univers is a customer that focuses a lot on security and has solid IT expertise in-house. They are very professional and understand their needs and the value of what is important. It’s always exciting to work with customers who take security seriously,” says Stensrud.

Scalable solutions on a global scale 

Scalable security solutions allow customers to choose the level that suits them best, and in many cases, it makes it easier to find the right solutions for their needs.

“Companies like Univers will have large internal and external requirements where we tailor solutions together with the customer to deliver services in line with their needs. This is how we use our expertise to help them make the right choices,” says Stensrud.

Stensrud believes that the stability they can offer is due to the good culture they have in their own working environment. That’s a bonus.

“We have good relationships both with customers and within our own working environment. I think the fact that we have good working conditions means that we have little turnover. We can offer stability. It also means that we know our customers well,” he concludes.

About Univers:

Univers is a Norwegian supplier of the global market’s fastest growing and most comprehensive renewable energy system product. Its purpose is to revolutionise energy management using advanced data analytics. They have helped customers reduce CO2 emissions equivalent to more than one million tonnes through increased efficiency in renewable generation facilities. In addition, they are committed to a net-zero emissions future. Read more about Univers.

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