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Nordlo is helping Trosa Stadshotell to digitalise its charm

The picturesque hotel in the small town wanted to keep its charm and personal approach while allowing digital technology to provide good support for its employees in their day-to-day work.

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The challenge

Thanks to proactive, consultant IT support from Nordlo in Nyköping and the personal commitment of our technicians and sales staff alike, Trosa Stadshotell has full confidence in its IT partner.

Nordlo has been the city hotel’s partner for many years. When Andreas Turesson stepped in as partner and CEO in 2018, he not only continued working on developing the city hotel into an attractive tourist destination and meeting place that the previous owners had devoted so much time to, but also in developing the ability to continue being the local area’s “living room”. Hotel development also demanded modernisation of the IT environment.

“We’ve been satisfied Nordlo customers for many years and I had no plans to change our IT provider when I took over as CEO. IT is something that just has to work, which is why I work with you guys. Our operation is one where functioning systems and software are essential as our employees cannot always meet each other face-to-face. So our hardware must also live up to the standards our system demands,” says Andreas.

“We’re pleased with our excellent collaboration with Andreas and his team and look forward to supporting them with the IT solutions they need for their future development.”

- Tobias Anander, customer account manager at Nordlo

The solution

A couple of months ago, Stadshotellet carried out an IT environment update, which Andreas describes as successful. “We modernised and achieved products we’re able to manage ourselves and we feel we have better control than we did before. In addition to replacing the hardware to provide every employee with brand new computers, we carried out a review to ensure everyone has the same operating system and software versions.

What’s more, our agreement with Nordlo means we’ll get new hardware again three years from now. The modernisation also means migrating our email to Office 365, which makes day-to-day work easier. The next step is for everyone at the office to learn all the new functions our system has to offer by trying things out with the support of Nordlo.”

Customer benefit

Andreas and his personnel appreciate the good relations they enjoy with their contacts at Nordlo.

“I’m a person who values relationships and I enjoy working with good people. I was given a very good reception by Nordlo technicians and sales staff alike when I began working at the city hotel. Their focus was not on selling more but in explaining to us the challenges we faced, how our environment was structured and why changes were necessary or not, as the case may be. My Nordlo contacts have made it easy to get a picture of how IT and technological solutions can provide benefits for us today and tomorrow. Our technicians did not only talk about what was essential there and then, but also provided a long-term planning perspective. We no longer risk being lumbered one fine day with old software without technical support or access.”

We have many visions and ideas about how Trosa Stadshotell should develop while maintaining the charm and personal strengths that are its trademark. A café and bakery is opening this summer in Trosa, something that hotel guests will also be able to enjoy.

“When it comes to technology and IT, we wonder how we can be more digitalised while retaining our charm. People will not choose to stay at our hotel for the sake of its technology, but because of the excellent service we provide our guests, and because technology is always working in the background. We will continue to maintain a dialogue between guests, our personnel and suppliers to ensure successful interaction,” concludes Andreas. Read more at trosastadshotell.se.

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Tobias Anander
Business Developer, Nordlo Nyköping
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