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Flexibility gives
Association of Health
Professionals control
over their IT

The Sörmland branch of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals consists of five member municipalities and provides care in the areas of drug addiction, youth care and family counselling. The need for an IT solution that provides cost effective but flexible control led the association to Nordlo, which now acts as a turnkey IT supplier.

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The challenge

The Sörmland branch of the Swedish Association of Health Professionals had an existing IT solution that was difficult to budget for over time. Nor was it adapted to the association’s needs for flexible and scalable IT services, where it must be possible to quickly increase or reduce the number of users and licences. In addition, the association needed a comprehensive solution with a supplier that could offer a whole range of IT operations, cloud services, workplaces, printing and telephony.

Even an organisation with people as its central focus is dependent on efficient digital technology. At Vårnäs treatment centre there is no need for a referral from Social Services, because the first contact is often made via social media or email. It is important that contact between the patient and treatment personnel is painless, and that it is always easy to access medical records and obtain business support.

“For us, it’s hugely important that we can offer clarity and easy access for those who need to get in touch. They should be able to reach us even outside regular working hours. Both internal and external communication are now via secure email instead of involving the vast quantities of letters that we previously sent out.”

Cost control is important for the Swedish Association of Health Professionals and its clients, who require financial balance and control of future costs. It is also extremely important that IT should support users and not steal valuable time from their ordinary tasks.

“We asked for a solution where one supplier can offer us all the IT services we needed, because it makes it easier for us to have a single contact interface when it comes to IT issues”, says Ramona Grapenhielm, Director of the Sörmland branch of the Association of Health Professionals. “Nordlo were able to meet our needs, help us gain control of our licences and also offer us the opportunity to quickly increase and decrease the number of users.”

The solution

After winning the procurement, Nordlo took over IT services for the Swedish Association of Health Professionals in 2018. The initial project was the replacement of old computers with new ones, rented on a monthly basis via Nordlo's concept of IT as a service.

“In our business we need to bring in extra staff at certain times, and we wanted a flexible solution where we only pay for the computer during the period we actually need it. We were happy with Nordlo's solutions, which are very flexible.”

An intranet was created to allow for easier communication between employees, who are sometimes located in different places. The next step will be to modernise operations and replace the current server with a cloud service.

“We don’t see the need for our own server in such a small business as this, where we aren’t able to maintain it ourselves. So it feels more secure to locate our IT operations in Nordlo's data centre”, continues Ramona.

Customer value

Because the association has no IT department, it made sense for Nordlo to take on that role. Employees can focus on their ordinary tasks without being concerned by IT equipment or administration issues. Head of operations Martin Alm, at the Vårnäs treatment centre, is pleased with the introduction of the new IT equipment:

“We don’t really have the possibility of working on many projects here. Instead, we want to focus on our key tasks, so that the business runs smoothly. In a business focused on people, it is important that the IT solution is painless. We can’t deal with operational problems. That’s a big part of the reason we chose to work with Nordlo.

We are also very happy with Nordlo and our contact Tobias Anander, who ensured that the project was a success and regularly follows up our activities”, conclude Ramona Grapenhielm.

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