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Nordlo takes care of the entirety of Swedese

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A secure and reliable IT environment forms the cornerstone of most organizations. However, it takes more than just well-functioning and customized technology to forge a successful IT partnership. For Swedese, the focus was on finding an IT partner that delivers dedicated, proactive, and personalized support throughout their digitalization journey. The choice fell upon Nordlo, and the rest is history.

”Together, we've built a robust IT environment from the ground up, enhancing efficiency across all levels.”

With a Customer-Centric Approach 

The partnership commenced in 2017 with the development of a new IT environment, which has since been hosted in Nordlo's dedicated data centre. Presently, Nordlo serves as Swedese's external IT department and overarching partner for operations, security solutions, service desk, workplace, network, and more.

“In the beginning, our focus was on establishing and managing a functional IT environment. As our collaboration evolved, it became evident that we complemented each other well, leading to the expansion of services and joint development projects, including the implementation of a new intranet. We maintain close collaboration through ongoing digitalization meetings to strategize and ensure the delivery of exemplary services. It's truly enjoyable to collaborate with Swedese; they exhibit a genuine eagerness to explore new avenues, innovate, and automate to remain at the forefront,” remarks Torgny Karlsson, Business Developer at Nordlo.

“We transitioned from suppliers where we felt lost in the crowd. Nordlo places the right emphasis on our company, and I perceive our collaboration deepening continually. Together, we've built a robust IT environment from the ground up, enhancing efficiency across all levels. Nordlo, being a sizable company, always prioritizes our needs. There are numerous compelling reasons to sustain this partnership,” notes Peter Andersson, CFO at Swedese.

Peter Andersson also underscores Nordlo's proficient and dependable service desk. “Engaging with technicians is effortless, and they consistently offer swift assistance whenever required. Our collaboration is closely knit, and it's evident that Nordlo understands our needs thoroughly. There's no need to start afresh, which instills a great sense of security.”

A Holistic Partnership 

“In collaboration with Nordlo, we continuously explore avenues to streamline and fortify our operations. We've executed several security-related projects and intend to persist in this direction,” adds Peter Andersson. 

Torgny concurs and concludes, “Collaborating with Nordlo means fostering a close partnership across all fronts - strategic, tactical, and operational. Our dedicated customer team ensures Swedese receives the requisite support to advance its IT environment and security solutions while nurturing knowledge and awareness among all employees. It's imperative that they feel prioritized, as this fosters the most fruitful exchange in our partnership. Moreover, collaborating with a forward-thinking and positive client like Swedese is genuinely rewarding.”

About Swedese

Established in 1945, Swedese is a renowned Swedish furniture company whose designs adorn both private residences and public spaces. Headquartered in Vaggeryd, Småland, one of its two factories is situated there, while the other is located in Äng, near Nässjö. Learn more about Swedese.

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