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Nordlo begin working with Svenska Kulturpärlor, who run unique hotels and restaurants in Sörmland.

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Svenska Kulturpärlor run their facilities with a focus on developing innovative and often pioneering solutions for the industry. This makes it important to work with partners that can both guarantee an efficient and straightforward working day for 80 permanent employees (and up to 600 seasonal workers), and also act as a technical support for future innovative solutions.

The partnership is based on the delivery of modern, user-friendly meeting room equipment for conference facilities. “Nordlo helps us eliminate manual handling and guarantee interruption-free operations. We need to be sure that the technology works”, says Markus Sundsgård, who is operations manager for Svenska Kulturpärlor.

The challenge

Nordlo have helped Svenska Kulturpärlor to review their facilities’ meeting rooms, which were in need of an update. When it comes to meeting rooms, the challenge is to combine modern technology with the user's need for easy operation.

It’s stressful and creates negative energy if a speaker has to deal with troublesome meeting room technology. Most conference attendees want the technology on offer to be as easy to use as possible, while giving the audience a high-quality experience. In Svenska Kulturpärlor's unique environments, such as Södertuna Castle near Gnesta, and Gripsholms Värdshus in Mariefred, the challenge is to make modern technology work whilst blending into a classic environment.

“We feel that Nordlo has been responsive to our needs and we’re very pleased with the results” says Markus Sundsgård, Svenska Kulturpärlor’s operations manager.

“With facilities at several different locations in Sörmland, we want to work with partners who are located nearby, and this is something Nordlo can offer us. Nordlo has the necessary breadth in the IT area that enables us to deliver services covering every aspect of the customer's everyday operations. Within the workplace concept, Nordlo delivers functional and modern meeting room solutions.”

The solution

The partnership begins with upgrading several large meeting rooms at one of the conference facilities. All were supplied with a control system that makes life easier for the user and provides a good meeting experience. Image, light and sound were programmed according to the customer's wishes and requirements.

Tobias Anander, head business developer at Nordlo, adds that the focus has been to create a disruption-free environment that works for both staff and guests. “Now we’re also working on streamlining document management solutions (printers) for the various facilities, which involves looking at everything from the fact that there should always be stocks of toner to the costs for the customer being adapted to their actual needs and consumption. By making it easier for the customer to gain control of their printing and to avoid handling orders and service, they have the opportunity to focus on their core business. In the future, the service will be developed with even more customised solutions.”

Customer value

The customer value in the everyday IT services offered by Nordlo means that over 80 employees have a stress-free working life with the help of digital technology that allows them to focus on their core business.

“For us, it’s important to have disruption-free operations and that everyday life runs smoothly for both our staff and our guests. Often systems look nice but nobody understands them or they’re too advanced for the user. It should be simple. With Nordlo’s help, we have eliminated several manual steps in our IT administration, which helps our customers to have a good experience throughout their stay – and makes them recommend us to others”, concludes Markus.

About Svenska Kulturpärlor:
Svenska Kulturpärlor is run by the Åström family and consists of a number of unique hotels and restaurants around Sörmland, all within an hour's journey of Stockholm. Conferences are held in historical environments with award-winning cuisine and good hostmanship in focus. Read more at www.kulturparlor.se

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