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Skandia Fastigheter is a property company that owns, develops, and manages properties for housing, shops, and offices. The IT department is transitioning from focusing solely on IT operations and system delivery to becoming a strategic business partner within the company. Therefore, the aim has been to transition towards a more proactive and efficient organisation.

Before Nordlo stepped in as an IT partner, Skandia Fastigheter felt that development had stalled. The company had high ambitions to digitise their operations but were not getting the support they needed. They sought an end-to-end supplier willing to invest time and energy in understanding their journey and challenges while finding tailored solutions that foster business development.

“Skandia Fastigheter took a broad look at the market to find the right fit. The expectations were to find an IT supplier that is a partner for the business.”

– Patrik Pettersson, Project Manager at Nordlo

The solutions 

Skandia Fastigheter got in touch with Nordlo through a traditional procurement process. Nordlo has overall responsibility for the IT infrastructure and operations, collaborating with Skandia to develop both specific solutions and entire business systems. The server platform and integration with the business system, as well as email and CRM, have been developed.

Personal computers have been procured, enabling all Skandia Fastigheter employees to work on their own devices. Additionally, Nordlo's specialists have examined the organisation's IT usage and adapted security solutions to the initial situation.

Throughout the cooperation, solutions were jointly examined, and network and client security were reviewed in accordance with GDPR. In other words, Nordlo has been able to offer a wide range of security services to Skandia Fastigheter.

“The roll-out of the new systems and platforms has been incredibly appreciated. The staff have been very positive, and the whole organisation has been involved, as they were informed at an early stage and have been there all the way.” – Patrik Pettersson.

Customer benefit 

The requirements were based primarily on utilising Skandia Fastigheter's existing resources instead of just looking at needs, which Skandia feels Nordlo has considered. Joakim Ekman, IT manager at Skandia Fastigheter, says that the approach has yielded major benefits.

“Among other benefits, they've been able to invest in initiatives that yield tangible results, surpassing mere organisational expectations. Skandia Fastigheter has been able to reinvest money in various deliveries, resulting in more efficient operations. With laptops, staff are more efficient, less dependent on the workplace, and work better even when travelling. It also makes for a much more attractive workplace as they have better tools than before.”

Development ahead 

For Skandia Fastigheter, it's important to continue driving change and digitalisation across various processes, thereby creating greater value for the organisation through the implementation of several digital services.

Nordlo is now working on building an integration platform for Skandia Fastigheter's business systems. Additionally, the organisation is continuing to develop and monitor the outside world in relation to security. With Nordlo as its IT operations supplier, daily routines and work are being developed and improved. Together with specialists, business processes are examined to provide Skandia Fastigheter with strategic support on its digitalisation journey.

“Nordlo has shown great commitment to taking responsibility for all aspects of the delivery, from the service desk to security. We're delighted to entrust Nordlo with one of our most mission-critical contracts. The collaboration is already working very well, and we're looking forward to a long-term and rewarding partnership with Nordlo.” Joakim Ekman, IT Manager at Skandia Fastigheter.

About Skandia Fastigheter
Skandia Fastigheter's offices, shopping centres, residences, and community properties are gathered in 121 properties with a total value of approximately 65 billion kronor. They have 150 employees with the goal of creating and managing urban environments that thrive for the long term. Learn more at

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