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Six digital tools that make your business more efficient

Digitisation brings many benefits. One of them is that you have access to significantly more tools to improve everything from your collaborative projects and processes to your internal and external communication. We have listed six digital tools that make your business more efficient.

Three digital tools for improved collaboration and more efficient processes
Here’s our list of three digital tools that every company should use to enable the best possible collaboration.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration platform. For those of you who already use the Office directory, it's only a matter of time before you start using Teams. 

Advantages of Microsoft Teams

  • Improved productivity through more efficient communication
    One of the main advantages of Teams is that you have all your conversations, meetings, shared files, tasks and everything else related to Microsoft's tools in a single program. You can also integrate many programs from other suppliers into Teams.
  • Better focus on your work
    Via Teams, it’s easier to set the right priorities and gather everything together for a particular project. You can easily create channels for each project, customer or collaboration, which in turn makes it easier to keep track of everything related to the same category.
  • Cloud-based workplace
    There are many business-related benefits from digitising your workplace. One of the most important is that your collaborations become cloud-based, which means that you can always keep track of your projects, no matter where you are.


Microsoft SharePoint
SharePoint is a veteran in the industry, but it’s still one of the most widely used collaboration tools.

Advantages of SharePoint

  • Simple and familiar interface
    SharePoint is integrated with other familiar applications, email solutions and browsers to give you a user experience which makes it easy to use content, processes and data. 
  • Make better decisions
    SharePoint makes it easy to create reports and analyses which you can then use to make better decisions. In the report centre, you can collect all data related to your business.
  • Make it easy to create content
    SharePoint makes it easy to create and plan content. This is particularly advantageous for companies that create content in several different languages, since they can use SharePoint templates which make the relationship between different documents and translations crystal clear.

Google Docs
Google Docs is a document platform that makes it easy for both individuals and businesses to create and share documents.

Advantages of Google Docs

  • Accessibility
    You have access to your documents around the clock, no matter where you are. This is very convenient, because you always have access to your documents, even when you’re travelling or if you’re out of the office.
  • Collaboration
    Many people use Google Docs when they need to create documents together. The administrator of a document can easily add and remove the people who can view or edit a document. Google Docs also has extensive version history, which means it's always easy to keep track of what's changed and who's done what.
  • Easy to learn
    If you have used Word, Pages or any other word processor package, you should find Google Docs easy to learn. And it’s free.

Three digital tools for improved communication
Here’s our list of three tools that every company should use to enable the best possible communication in your company

Slack is a messaging platform that’s completely free to use. In Slack you create channels, invite people to the channels and then send messages to each other through those channels.

Advantages of Slack

  • Communication all in one place
    Slack offers a single platform for all communications within your company, without it becoming untidy or the wrong person accessing the wrong information. You can easily create channels and then divide these based on the working groups relevant to each channel.
  • Easy file sharing
    Easily send files to each other. In addition, the files have Dropbox integration, if you need a cloud service.

Yammer is a microblogging tool – a type of social media for businesses, where your employees can write posts, share content and everything else you would expect from other social media.

  • Perfect for big companies
    While Microsoft Teams is often recommended for small businesses, Yammer is the equivalent for big companies, thanks in large part to the fact that it is easier to reach many people with large amounts of content, and because the focus is on a large group of people rather than a small working group. 
  • Keep a closer eye on your industry
    It can be challenging to always keep track of what’s going on in your industry. With Yammer this is easier, because you have a platform where everyone can share posts related to your industry. Just as you never miss out when one of your friends gets married on your personal social media, you’ll never miss out on Yammer when your competitors release a new product.

GoToMeeting is a video conferencing tool that, in addition to video meetings, also allows you to schedule meetings and share screens. It’s one of the world's most popular video conferencing tools.

  • Simple meetings
    Considered by many to be the easiest tool for its purpose. Also supports mobile devices, both Android and iPhone.
  • Opportunity to have big meetings
    With GoToMeeting, you can even hold very large meetings if that’s something your company needs to do. In fact, you can have up to 250 participants, which means that you can hold very large seminars via GoToMeeting. 

What tools do you have in your digital toolbox?
We’ve listed six tools that we believe all companies can benefit from using. What tools do you have in your digital toolbox? Do you feel we’ve inspired you to expand it? Feel free to contact us at Nordlo if you want to talk more about the digital tools that can help you!

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