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Returkraft chooses to collaborate with Nordlo

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The challenge

Returkraft chose to work with Nordlo Vennesla after inviting tenders to provide its IT solutions. The challenge faced by Returkraft was to find a supplier that could help with day-to-day operations, as it did not have an internal IT department.

It was looking for a firm with the necessary technical expertise that could understand and meet all of its day-to-day needs, enabling it to focus on the company's core activities. 

“Nordlo communicates and presents challenges and solutions in a down-to-earth way, and quickly deals with any issues that are reported to its support centre,” says Marit Løvland at Returkraft.

”Nordlo communicates and presents challenges and solutions in a down-to-earth way, and quickly deals with any issues that are reported to its support centre.”

The solution

Nordlo is an integration partner that provides Returkraft with a wide range of solutions. This includes IT as a service, with the operation of servers located at Nordlo's data centre in Vennesla. The solution also incorporates a local area network, Microsoft cloud services, PC client operation and delivery and installation of AV equipment in meeting rooms. 

Returkraft also uses Nordlo's expertise for consulting and project management, and its consulting services are utilised when assistance is required in day-to-day operations. Nordlo strives to be a proactive partner which identifies opportunities and areas of potential improvement.

Customer benefit

“Nordlo has delivered 100% service since taking over the operation of our systems,” explains Returkraft's Marit Løvland. Nothing is more demanding than computer systems that don't work, and since working alongside Nordlo they have not had to think about computer technology and have focused on performing their core tasks. Marit Løvland emphasises that the opportunity to work securely from any location is invaluable. The firm benefited from being able to use remote servers and continued to work effectively during lockdown/from home – especially during the high point of the Corona pandemic. This enabled it to operate securely in spite of social distancing regulations.

Nordlo Vennesla is a proud supplier of Returkraft, and will keep striving to deliver reliable advice and effective solutions in future.

About Returkraft
Returkraft is an energy recovering plant located in Langemyr, five kilometres north of Kristiansand city centre. The facility began operating in the spring of 2010, and handles a total of 130,000 tonnes of residual and special waste each year. Read more about Returkraft

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