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Parken Zoo selects Nordlo for reliable IT

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As one of Sweden’s most popular destinations for trips, Parken Zoo places high demands on an IT provider to deliver a reliable, integrated solution. When Parken Zoo was brought under private ownership, the decision was taken to replace its infrastructure in order to optimise operations. To identify a company that could meet its needs, a tender procedure took place – which was won by Nordlo. 

”There’s a lot of technology which the team here rely upon, and if something goes wrong or doesn’t work, we can always get assistance from an IT consultant really quickly.”


Nordlo Eskilstuna is taking over and creating an integrated solution for all IT operation at Parken Zoo. Infrastructure, servers and computers for staff are to be replaced and updated in order to create a more sustainable environment. Nordlo is also expanding Parken Zoo’s network through the addition of wireless communication points, ensuring the network is more accessible and has greater capacity to operate in a larger area.

Nordlo is also installing surveillance cameras in the animal enclosures to ensure the animal caretakers can always check how they're doing, and what they’re up to, without needing to disturb them. This is especially important since a great deal of their work involves studying the behaviour of animals. Marie de Colli, Head of Training at Parken Zoo, clarifies the benefits of surveillance cameras.

“If they notice we’re around, this can change their behaviour. This is why it’s so helpful to be able to use this technology. It’s really good to be able to go back and view recorded material in order to see what’s going on when we’re not there. Now we can sit behind a computer and study the animals live – or through recorded material.”

The films can be accessed via computers and a mobile app, to increase flexibility for the staff.

Customer benefit

Nordlo has provided Parken Zoo with an updated IT environment which meets the needs of the business. The wireless links have created a more accessible network which can be used across a larger area, while the integrated solution provided by Nordlo has provided Parken Zoo with a reliable, effective IT environment.

“We have worked really closely with Nordlo in Eskilstuna and have an excellent relationship. There never seems to be a problem, and we always get the help we need. There’s a lot of technology which the team here rely upon, and if something goes wrong we can always get assistance from an IT consultant really quickly,” adds Marie.

About Parken Zoo

Parken Zoo in Eskilstuna opened in 1898 as one of Sweden’s first theme parks, and was later developed into an animal and amusement park. It is now one of Sweden's most popular destinations for trips. The company has been under the private ownership of Mimir Invest AB since 2016. Read more at: parkenzoo.se

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