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Pagero extends its collaboration with Nordlo to future proof 
its IT platform

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The challenge

When International company Pagero wanted to make it easy for its customers to do business, it created the cloud based business network Pagero Online where companies are able to communicate digitally with their business partners worldwide through a single connection. In order to meet its customers' high standards of security and availability, Pagero Online requires a high quality IT environment with guaranteed 24/7 delivery.

“They work proactively, suggest changes and come up with ideas about new services or solutions to meet the challenges and problems we encounter in day-to-day business”

The solution

The many years of collaboration between Pagero and Nordlo saw the realisation of a project to create a third-generation, custom solution to meet Pagero's high standards. The creation of the new IT environment is the result of a comprehensive, close dialogue between the partners in which they together created a new, technically advanced, future-proofed architecture for Pagero's microservices. Both construction and migration to the new environment went smoothly and resulted in an IT system with high redundancy and availability.

“Nordlo provides us with help quickly whenever we need it. We just have to pick up the phone. They work proactively, suggest changes and come up with ideas about new services or solutions to meet the challenges and problems we encounter in day-to-day business,” says Christer Wejke, CISO & Manager Internal Services at Pagero, about our collaboration.

Alongside the Pagero Online solution, the partners also created an IT environment for Pagero Freight Solutions where customers can streamline management of their freight processes.

The scope of supply from Nordlo also includes the operation and development of Pagero's internal IT environment, which is a modern, global, cloud-based IT environment with automatic deployment of clients and mobile devices for use in more than 20 countries.

Customer value

The solution Nordlo created is a stable IT environment that makes more effective use of infrastructure. It also provides high redundancy, is cost-effective and enjoys the advantage of simple replacement of faulty components. During its generation shifts, Pagero Online has been able to manage and take on more and bigger customers, and Nordlo has been their partner in this regard since 2008.

Nordlo's overall handling and understanding of Pagero's requirements and needs has resulted in a number of reliable, secure environments that meet Pagero's high standards of security and availability for their customers and business.

About Pagero
Pagero wants to make it easy to do business. That's why they're building the world's biggest, open business network. The cloud-based network means you can reach companies all around the world regardless of how many countries you operate in. Pagero's head office is located in Gothenburg, but there are more than 20 offices around the world with a total of more than 350 employees. More about Pagero.

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Ola Hammarstedt
Key Account Manager and sales, Nordlo in Göteborg

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