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Effective collaboration between Norgesplaster and

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The challenge

Norgesplaster AS produces and sells a wide range of plastics for both the Norwegian and the international market. They have a strong focus on product development and are a leading one-stop supplier for the treatment of wounds, first aid, sports medicine and semi-finished products for medical consumables (electrodes).

Norgesplaster has a modern factory located in Vennesla, where stable, responsive IT systems are extremely important to them. A stable network is important for securing access to all systems. Employees in production work shifts, which requires stable operations around the clock. The company also wants employees to be independent IT users, secure in the use of their tools.

The company has 58 employees, most working in the premises in Vennesla. About 45 of the employees are daily users of IT solutions.

Norgesplaster’s expectations of their IT provider are that high-quality solutions are delivered at competitive prices and with effective collaboration.

"It’s helpful to know that we have a sound, local business partner, who is easily accessible for us at Norgesplaster", explains Rune Grinde, CFO at Norgesplaster.

”Regular visits mean that Nordlo’s consultant has become a useful colleague for employees at Norgesplaster"

– Rune Grinde, CFO, Norgesplaster

The solution 

Nordlo supplies a network line and network equipment to Norgesplaster and takes care of the stable operation of the network. The server solution with SQL is hosted at Nordlo Vennesla’s ultra-modern data centre, where Nordlo also provides firewall, security, a Remote Desktop solution, backup solutions and client applications such as Microsoft 365.

To guarantee network access, even in cases when the line is down, the solution is set up with a 4G backup solution for login access. As one element of the desire for independent users, consultants from Nordlo visit the company every week, enabling employees to engage with the consultants face to face. This also lowers the threshold for employees in their use of Nordlo’s support desk.

In addition to IT solutions, Nordlo Vennesla is also Norgesplaster’s partner for telephony solutions. Nordlo operates their central PABX system and supports their mobile operating network, to guarantee good phone availability and optimal extensions.

Customer benefit

The partnership with Nordlo Vennesla guarantees that we are at all times running the most optimal solutions and that we have efficient IT operations. We find Nordlo’s consultants easily accessible and their service desk provides good, speedy responses and is solution-oriented.

Rune Grinde at Norgesplaster points out that the regular visits mean that Nordlo’s consultant has become a useful colleague for employees at Norgesplaster.

About Norgesplaster

Norgesplaster AS has undergone exciting developments, especially in the last three years. When Norgesplaster acquired Snøgg AS in 2017, this saw two traditional, experienced Norwegian manufacturing companies being reunited. History tells us that both Norgesplaster (founded in 1938) and Snøgg (founded in 1945) have their origins in the textile company Høie Fabrikker. Until 1970, the companies shared industrial premises at Høie Fabrikker. Both Norgesplaster and Snøgg represent strong brands that complement each other in the market.

After a couple of hectic years of moving premises, new construction and implementation of shared IT systems, we are now seeing the emergence of an integrated, cohesive company. Significant investments in both construction and machines in recent years have produced a company that is modern and well-equipped for future challenges. The companies have also been structured for synergies and benefits of scale in the areas of administration, logistics and ICT, achieving immediate benefits.

Both Norgesplaster and Snøgg have been using Nordlo (Telehuset/IT Total) for many years. It is management’s view that we now have extremely good, modern, operational ICT systems that provide us with insight into both product and customer profitability, and that the system is perceived as offering users support in their decision-making throughout the company’s entire value chain.

Norgesplaster AS was acquired with effect from 15 April by Orkla ASA, a leading brand company listed at the Oslo Stock Exchange. Norgesplaster has an exciting future ahead of it, with ICT being an important element of the company. More about Norgesplaster

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