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Measurability in the modern organisation

Increasingly often, we discuss different ways of measuring data to create effective work processes. In healthcare, data is collected by healthcare apps and most companies and organisations have discovered the need to achieve greater digital maturity to collect information effectively. How can the collection of data be exploited to become a strategic resource?

Make better decisions with Business Intelligence and AI

In discussions concerning measurable data we often talk about Business Intelligence. BI is important as it will help your company make data-driven decisions instead of merely relying on intuition and observations. The tools available become technical aids for gaining insights about your organisation’s current position based on the data collected. Such insights may in turn lead to what many know as ‘turning data into profits’.

Selecting and sorting information in the value chain will help your business gain insights about the changes and decisions that must be taken within the organisation. By collecting customer data and purchasing data, companies in industry and retail have succeeded in increasing business value as greater attention can be paid to more value-adding tasks. Thus it’s important that decision-makers ensure your business keeps data transparent and digitally accessible. To avoid missing important elements, your business can use AI as a tool for training the ability of algorithms to provide relevant answers using training data. In this way, the risk of missing important elements is reduced. Systematically transforming data into insights can lead to higher future profit margins.

Measurability helps businesses achieve targets

There are several ways in which to collect transparent, annotated and structured data. They are best exploited when seen in context. Asking yourself what you would like the answers to if you had access to all of the data can be a good place to start. As digitisation proceeds apace, we often talk about Big Data. The amount of information can sometimes make it difficult to see the wood for the trees. But by implementing the tools and solutions best suited to your company, you can support the right kind of data collection. To avoid skills supply issues, more companies are asking for help to make progress.

When everything is measured, your business can set up strategies for achieving concrete goals, and resources can be allocated more effectively. With Nordlo as your IT partner, we can make it easier for you to identify the data that is most important for your company. Learn more about the advantages of measurability in our guide about digital transformation.

Guide: Digital transformation

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