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Creating a digital voting platform that unifies the nation's various co-ops and makes democratic elections simpler and more secure was something of a challenge for Konsumentföreningen, KF (CWS – cooperative wholesale society).

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Digital voting platform that unifies

KF has offered its members digital voting for some time. In elections, members in each area get to nominate and vote for a representative. However, there were differences depending on the local association people belong to, and not all associations put forward candidates.

We had to find a way that was easier for members to understand, and to put forward candidates and vote in elections. It also concerns where Coop and KF want to be. Previously, elections were held using paper votes in the stores, sometimes produced on poor quality printers. Not only must it be easy to vote, but Coop KF also seeks to retain its competitive edge by making it easy to be a member.

“We chose Nordlo because of their closeness to the customer and their personal approach. They are easy to work with”


Nordlo delivered a bespoke voting platform whose goal was for all associations to use the same platform when electing their representatives. The development of KF's voting platform was an agile process in which we worked close to the customer. Because KF comprises many associations with differing needs, flexibility and communication formed central parts of the development work.

"For us, it's essential that we're perceived as important by the supplier. We chose Nordlo because of their closeness to the customer and their personal approach. They are easy to work with. With Nordlo, we didn't feel we were courted during the development phase, only to be forgotten later. We felt them to have a genuine interest in our development regardless of the length of our development list and the size of our wallet," says Fanny.

In addition to the development of a voting platform, Nordlo administers the system and makes sure it develops and improves alongside KF. Through regular administration meetings, KF enjoys a structure that makes it easy for everyone working in the project. This helps us ensure there's not too much to handle at each individual meeting, making system development overwhelming.

In conjunction with the voting platform update, the cooperative wholesale society chose to transfer the owner representative intranet and person database to Nordlo, as they felt the previous supplier failed to pay them the desired level of attention.

Customer benefit

Since the last elections, voter participation has increased to 2.4 % of membership. This might appear to be a low figure, but it is comparatively high. (Voter participation in the Church of Sweden's last election was approx 18%). KF also feels that the more up-to-date and digital the experience is, the more young people will vote, which was one of their goals.

Through our agreement, KF can rest assured that system updates are both possible and easy. It's about Nordlo's ability to understand KF's business and how it works.

"What I find particularly pleasing is how easy it is to work with them. We don't disappear among a throng of employees; our collaboration is more down-to-earth, and we feel it meets our needs well. We like things quiet, stable and secure. Which is much more important than getting a super-duper mega cool system that's impossible to administer, "concludes Fanny.

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Niclas Österlund
Key Account Manager, Nordlo in Nyköping

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