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The challenge

JSC Förvaltning is a corporate group consisting of five different companies specialising in logistics and transport services, with a shared goal of providing their customers with close, personal service. Whatever the customer’s needs, their vision is that it shall be easy to get the right help, while at the same time there is scope to discuss ideas and find solutions together.

Before merging to create one single group, IT was not a priority and the different companies all had different IT solutions that had been bought individually as required. This meant that IT was fragmented and all offices had different kinds of devices and systems. So when the companies merged, it was a priority to identify a joint IT solution that works well for all employees, between offices and the different vehicles.

Having taken that step and seen the actual benefits, we now agree that the investment has resulted in easier collaboration between the different offices while at the same time giving our customers a better experience”

The solution 

When Nordlo in Växjö and JSC Förvaltning started their collaboration, things moved quickly. All IT was replaced in two days, marking the start of JSC’s digital transformation. JSC buys IT as a Service, which means that they can easily adjust the delivery so that it suits them, all at a predetermined monthly cost.

“One thing I appreciate and admire about JSC Förvaltning is their drive. They have completed a total digital transformation in a short time, which wouldn’t have been possible without their ability to see the benefit that comes from their investments,” says Roger Bengtsson, Account Manager at Nordlo in Växjö.

One example of how IT as a Service is used is when JSC quickly needed to switch to remote working. All desktop computers were replaced with laptops in order to enable people to work from home. Business courses were then held in Teams with Nordlo’s productivity consultants. These enabled JSC’s employees to learn more about the features and tools available in the Microsoft 365 suite and how to best use them to optimise collaboration and hold effective digital meetings.

“We’ve got to know a lot of people at Nordlo, and we’ve found all of them to be extremely open and pleasant. There are rarely any problems and you always get good responses. It’s great working with Nordlo, and the support has been worth its weight in gold,” says Pierre Ericsson, IT Manager at JSC Förvaltning.

Computers with touch screens have also been installed in all forklift trucks, making it easier for drivers when taking care of third-party logistics. A good device in the forklift trucks speeds up work and has enhanced the experience for JSC’s customers.

Additional changes made in the IT environment are renewal of conference room with new information screen, loudspeakers and soundbar, CCTV surveillance with associated screens and an MDM solution that enables automatic installations to be sent smoothly and remotely to employees’ phones and computers.

“Initially it was difficult for the whole organisation to see the value of investing in our IT, but then we thought again and asked ourselves: what will it cost if we don’t act now? Having taken that step and seen the actual benefits, we now agree that the investment has resulted in easier collaboration between the different offices while at the same time giving our customers a better experience,” continues Pierre.

Customer benefit

By investing in their IT, JSC are making sure they remain competitive. They have increased efficiency by digitalising their systems, resulting in the experience being enhanced for their customers, while at the same time they maintain their personal touch.

JSC now has a new infrastructure, with Nordlo assuming full responsibility. The next stage of the partnership is to help JSC Förvaltning continue on their journey of digitisation by reviewing the processes in the IT systems, and by holding continuous strategic meetings they are making sure they are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

About JSC Förvaltning
JSC Förvaltning is the corporate group for the companies OG Bolaget, Smålands Kran & Specialtransporter, Stema Transport, WJ Logistik and ÅGL Logistik, with about 100 employees in three offices and over 70 vehicles. Their personal service gives the customer peace of mind when they take care of transport.

To keep up with developments in the industry, they work actively to develop their digital systems. With a new IT platform and modern systems, they are equipped to meet the market’s demands. Find out more at JSC Förvaltning.

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