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Whether your data is stored on a local server, in the cloud, or in a hybrid solution, Nordlo meets your IT infrastructure needs. We also manage communication to your platform.

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What is IT Infrastructure?

IT infrastructure comprises the fundamental systems that must exist in an IT environment for technology to function correctly. Just as a society requires infrastructure such as facilities, transport systems, and power grids to operate, an IT environment needs infrastructure in the form of technical platforms and applications for a company's IT to function properly.

How the IT infrastructure is structured varies depending on the needs and preferences of the company in question.

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What is IT Operations?

IT operations involve the management, maintenance, and monitoring of an organisation's IT environment, whether it is in a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution. How the operations look and function depends on how the infrastructure is built. A typical operations solution includes IT operations, hosting, storage, backup, licence management, and various security services.

The company can either manage the operations themselves or hire an IT provider to handle all or parts of the operations.

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Advantages of IT Operations

In a well-functioning infrastructure, IT operations run smoothly. Reliable IT operations are characterised by the following:


High Uptime

Reliable IT operations are characterised by high uptime, meaning that services function with few or no interruptions.


Flexibility and Scalability

With cloud-based IT operations, you can easily scale your environment up or down to suit the size and needs of your business.


Security and Redundancy

Secure IT operations also involve having the right security solutions in place to protect data and infrastructure.


Licence Management

With IT operations and licence management from a provider, you get access to the systems you need and only pay for what you actually use.

Security in IT Operations

A secure and well-functioning infrastructure is the foundation for applications and databases to operate effectively and safely. Security encompasses much more than just hardware, and therefore, consulting and having the right expertise in security, operations, and infrastructure is essential to creating a secure technical foundation for your company to rely on.

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What is a Server and Data Centre?

A data centre is a physical facility where servers and other technology are stored. The server can be described as the heart of the IT environment, where services, systems, data, and applications are stored and operated. Well-functioning servers are therefore crucial for a secure and reliable IT environment. It is also important that the data centre where the company's servers are located has robust physical and technical security solutions in place.

Time for a new IT Provider?

Investing in infrastructure and choosing a provider with both extensive experience and high competence creates the right conditions for a well-functioning IT environment.

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