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Get equipped for the future with IT solutions that can be scaled up and down as required

When the economy slows down and the future is harder to predict, it’s more important than ever to be able to swiftly scale your IT environment up or down in line with your specific needs.

Companies commonly benefit from converting substantial fixed costs – for investment in IT infrastructure, IT security as well as the cost of operation and support, for example – into a monthly expense which is based on the needs of the business at the time. A fixed cost for all or part of your IT requirements ensures there are no unforeseen increases, so you can adjust your capacity and service level on an ongoing basis in accordance with the company’s current needs. This means the company can cut costs when it loses a lot of business and quickly accelerate when the outlook begins to look brighter.

What would your business gain by outsourcing its IT environment?

1. Cost efficiency
By working with a stable partner that already has the necessary infrastructure, you’ll avoid having to make any large investments and can benefit from the knowledge and capacity of your service provider. This means there’s less need for investment.

2. Flexibility when your needs change
In uncertain times, it can be difficult to know how to adapt your IT environment to the needs of the future. An IT partner can often provide all or part of your IT requirements on a monthly basis, without the need to commit over one or more years for users employed on a temporary basis or placed on short-time work.

3. A more efficient organisation
An external helpdesk or IT operation ensures your employees receive the support and availability they require, without the need to use internal resources for areas that don’t form part of core activities. Support requirements may often vary over time, and it can be difficult to have the right capacity and skills available within your organisation when required.

An external partner also means you’ll enjoy automatic access to all new innovation in the field, helping you to develop and streamline your operations and business.

4. Better security
By outsourcing your IT requirements with a partner that can deliver security solutions tailored to the needs of your company, you’ll have a greater change of securing your IT and corporate data.

In these difficult times, when the future is unclear, it’s important to work with reliable partners who can offer secure and effective solutions in tandem with close collaboration. To find out more about how your business can get IT support for its day-to-day and future needs, get in touch with the team at Nordlo.

For more statistics on the future/economic outlook, read McKinsey’s reflective perspective on the ongoing pandemic, and what will come next – which they call the “road to the new normal”.

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