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The challenge

For a long time, IT has been something that Flexbuss took care of itself. And David Lindquist, CEO at Flexbuss, often needed to spend most of his time in the role of IT manager instead of focusing on his actual duties.

As Flexbuss moved into a new phase and accelerated the business, they soon realised that their IT was inadequate for the new workload. In a procurement process to become Flexbuss’s new IT partner, Nordlo in Växjö presented IT as a Service as a solution to their problem. With a local presence and a concept that suited Flexbuss, Nordlo won the contract and the partnership between the businesses began.

”Together, we’re accelerating the pace of development and leaving the competitors behind”

The solution

The first step in the collaboration was that Nordlo purchased all of Flexbuss’s hardware so that it could be replaced with newer alternatives. Alongside hardware, Nordlo is providing Flexbuss with a server environment, licences for Microsoft 365 as well as support and customer support. All at a fixed monthly cost. 

“It feels like you’re calling a friend when you call Nordlo. Even though Nordlo in Växjö is part of something bigger, it feels local, which is something we really appreciate. We feel that we’re a priority, which lays a good foundation for good collaboration,” says David, describing what it is like to work with Nordlo.

David feels that Flexbuss can sometimes have challenging demands, but when he pushes he feels that Nordlo makes sure that they raise the level of expertise to meet their requirements.

“A good partnership means being able to say what you think. Just because you’re a customer or a supplier, you shouldn’t have to be worried about treading on each other’s toes. I feel that Flexbuss and Nordlo have open communication and a genuine desire to help each other.” 

A more tangible example of the IT delivery is that Flexbuss has 400 smartphones in use, operated through DuoSTATION MDM. Steps are taken to make sure that the phones meet certain standards and that they work right from the outset. Flexbuss has the opportunity through Nordlo to simply adapt all employees’ devices to meet new needs.

“One of our employees submitted a suggested improvement, recommending we have the Heart Rescue app, an app for CPR, installed on all phones. No sooner said than done. An order was placed with Nordlo and in no time at all every single employee had the app on their device.”  

Customer benefit

The partnership has resulted in Flexbuss increasing its digital maturity, and their digital development is now leading the way in their industry.

“Together, we’re accelerating the pace of development and leaving the competitors behind. We can already see that our IT maturity has become very high in the industry. We’d never have had that without Nordlo’s guidance.”

About Flexbuss

Flexbuss currently employs more than 600 employees, has 300 vehicles and 18 bus depots, with net sales of more than SEK 300 million. The company has been family-owned since the beginning in 1989, which is unusual and bucks the trend in an industry where many companies of the same size have been bought up. Find out more at https://flexbuss.se  

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