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ENRX: The Cybersecurity Expert in Skien

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With today's advanced cybercrime, it's important to work preventively with protective measures to stop threats and train employees in IT security. Modern technology and artificial intelligence make this effective and more accessible.

Chief Information Officer at ENRX Group AS, Trygve Kristoffer Nilssen, says that they work closely with Nordlo Grenland. They particularly value the local presence, expertise and quick access to products and services.

“Nordlo excels in terms of expertise and presence, and has very dedicated people”

Cyber Security at ENRX 

“I've been working with Nordlo since 2018. The collaboration has increased in intensity and scope. The services have been expanded into more comprehensive agreements and we have closer co-operation. There are two things in particular that have been important to us: the expertise related to security, and the local presence here in Skien,” says Nilssen.

“Nordlo is the largest supplier with the most expertise and resources here in Grenland. "They have expertise in the products and systems we need. They also have people with good expertise in security and cyber security. They have relevant resources and know us well, having been a supplier for a long time. These are products and services that we use a lot, and we're in almost daily contact.”

Some of the services Nordlo assists ENRX with are advanced monitored Endpoint Protection, which protects servers and PCs. Email security, anti-spam control, firewalls and infrastructure. Nordlo is also responsible for maintenance and delivery of equipment and PCs locally in Grenland, while security services are provided to the entire company globally and to the factory and corporate management in Norway.

In addition, ENRX uses e-learning systems to train employees in IT security. The User Awareness Training system also sends out tests and sees how employees react to threats.

Effective communication

Nilssen emphasises that there is little bureaucracy and effective communication with Nordlo, which means a lot in everyday life.

“Nordlo excels in terms of expertise and presence and has very dedicated people. The fact that we can contact the person responsible directly, without having to go through a lot of support, is effective. They are flexible here.”

“We have offices in 20 countries and some of the services Nordlo provides locally have global potential. It may be appropriate to expand some services, such as hosting and server operations, cloud services and client management delivered in the form of Client as a Service (CaaS). We also have the potential to work more together in the future to streamline and digitise our IT processes.”

“For our customers, it is important that we are not exposed to threats and that we are always available to them. We have up-to-date security systems and do not expose others to risk - as we also control what we send out," Nilssen concludes.”

Vulnerability analyses and data security training

Sales Manager at Nordlo Grenland, Bjørnar Stensrud, has worked with ENRX since before 2004. He has a background as a technical consultant and worked for many years as a technical project manager. He formally became Sales Manager in 2023, with responsibility for customers, deliveries and the various consultants involved at any given time.

“Security solutions have been a focus area for us for a long time and are very relevant in the market today. Today's threats are often advanced, with the use of artificial intelligence. This makes users easily vulnerable. Criminals often use the same technology as us, so it's important to be up to date with the latest technology and work preventively to eliminate threats.”

“For example, more and more criminals are leaving behind malware that monitors what you do to find out exactly how they can harm you and your relationships. They often exploit software that is already installed on your computer. 70% of new websites today are fake and designed to trick people. It can be hard to tell what's real and what's not when travelling online. We can deliver vulnerability analyses that provide reports and the opportunity to close security gaps before an attack,” says Stensrud.

Nordlo delivers SOC – Security Operation Centre to ENRX

This means that data and information is collected from as many of the customer's computer systems as possible about what is going on. The information collected is analysed and action is taken immediately in the event of danger. A team of security specialists are available 24/7 and are trained to take immediate action. The introduction of AI has also made the process even more efficient. Previously, this was too expensive a service for many companies as it involved hiring security experts, but now the vast majority can afford it.

Technology is developing rapidly, especially around risks and threats, and email is particularly vulnerable. There may be fake emails and links that are difficult to detect. Email utilises old technology that makes the system more vulnerable. Nordlo investigates and detects threats and malware before it reaches the user and weeds out what is harmful. The anti-spam check stops fake emails. In addition, all attachments and links are checked for risk. AI does this quickly and with high quality.

Nordlo is responsible for machinery and equipment, support, security and backup solutions at ENRX. "The CaaS solution ensures a standardised way of taking care of machines and has the same standard for equipment and support, which makes it more efficient to set up new units in a large company. This is well suited to large companies but can also be scaled to smaller needs.

Finally, but probably most importantly, it is vital to think preventively and train employees in data security and develop their risk awareness skills.

“We train ENRX in risk awareness and test users to see how they handle risk individually. Unfortunately, we humans are a weak and vulnerable link. Sometimes we are tired and make mistakes. That's why we deliver User Awareness Training, where we work on raising awareness and training on risk. It's about training the organisation to be the best possible at making good independent choices in the workday and everyday life,” concludes Stensrud.

About ENRX

ENRX is a global technology company that delivers induction heating, wireless inductive charging, and contactless power supply with low or no carbon footprint. They work extensively with smart energy transfer in manufacturing and mobility, and want to help accelerate a sustainable future. Their technology adds value to manufacturing and mobility applications around the world. Read more at enrx.com.

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