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Cyclife’s security and growth built on a dynamic IT environment

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In the summer of 2016, Cyclife Sweden did not have an IT environment. French company EDF, Électricité de France, had just formed the company following the acquisition of Studsvik’s waste department. There was an urgent need to create an effective IT environment quickly.

“We needed to get up and running quickly, we took nothing with us from the old Studsvik Nuclear AB,” says Urban Lind, IT Manager at Cyclife Sweden.

Cyclife handles low-level and intermediate-level nuclear waste, and recycles materials for customers all over the world. Cyclife operates in an industry with strict security requirements. This makes it especially important to have an IT environment that is not only secure in purely technical terms, but also helps employees to use systems in a secure way. IT is usually involved in virtually all of Cyclife’s operations, from forklift trucks and measuring instruments to administration and testing. The industrial environment places tough demands on durability.

“Nordlo helped us to build from the foundations, and we now have a dynamic IT environment that enables us to scale up or down quickly as required.”

The solution

With Nordlo’s assistance, Cyclife built its IT environment from the foundations, and is now a full-service customer in the areas of operations, support, networks, licences, computers and much more besides. Much of the environment is cloud-based, to make it easy to communicate between units and Cyclife’s parent company Cyclife Holding/EDF.

“It all works really well, it’s a stable IT environment, above all one that’s modern. For example, we were very early adopters of multi-factor authentication, MFA, and Office365.”

Urban Lind works alone in IT. This means that Nordlo, by extension, becomes Cyclife’s external IT department. “We hold regular status and development meetings about where we are heading as a company and what we need from Nordlo. You really notice that Nordlo understands us, with employees who have the right technical background to understand our environment, which we really do appreciate.”

As security is high on the agenda for Cyclife, with Nordlo’s assistance they regularly conduct various tests of the IT environment, such as vulnerability scans or simulated ransomware and phishing attacks. Any security threats are addressed immediately. A technician from Nordlo is on site at Cyclife once a week, but the rest of IT operations and support are managed remotely.

Regular security training

Nordlo also trains Cyclife’s employees. Every month, staff receive an email with tips on current security threats, such as an increase in phishing attacks. All employees also have to complete a short digital course (micro courses) and answer IT-related security questions, such as how to create secure passwords or determine whether a domain is secure.

“Nordlo just has it all. And if anything crops up, they’re there right away, providing support.”

Nordlo helps customers all over the Nordic region and understands the importance of offering a stable, secure IT environment that is built for minimal downtime. Sten Eriksson is account manager for Cyclife at Nordlo:

“We work in close collaboration with Cyclife to make sure that they have a dynamic operational solution adapted for their business. With specialist expertise from Nordlo’s 800 employees, many of them leaders in their particular fields, we have the capacity to deliver quality, as well as a close relationship with an understanding of the customer’s business. Cyclife is a skilled purchaser, I think many in the industry view them as a role model.”

Customer value

According to Urban Lind, by far the best aspect of the partnership is the close contact with Nordlo. “There are quick responses, quality in delivery and speed. You can tell that Nordlo understands us, we meet them all the time and have had the same contact persons since we started up in 2016. This gives everyone in our organisation peace of mind,” says Urban Lind, IT Manager at Cyclife Sweden.

Since the company was formed in 2016, Cyclife has almost doubled its workforce. The company is in the process of building a new factory, which should be completed in 2025, and the plan is to grow by another 100 employees within two to three years. “Nordlo is helping us to grow. Everything’s already prepared, we’ve had plans in place for a very long time and now have a dynamic IT environment, which means that we can scale up or down quickly, as required.”

About Cyclife
Cyclife Sweden has been providing waste management services for national and international customers for 40 years and has around 100 employees in Studsvik, near Nyköping. Find out more at cyclife-edf.com.

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