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A close IT partner future-proofs the business

Interview from Dagens Industri with Fredrik Almén, CEO of Nordlo.

Choosing an IT partner who understands how to meet and fulfil customer needs and expectations is crucial to building close, long-lasting and successful partnerships. We sat down with Nordlo's CEO Fredrik Almén to talk more about how the customer relationship is key in an ever-changing business world.

Nordlo has always opted for a decentralized model where processes and systems are designed according to the customer's situation, needs and opportunities. This has proved successful as customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction, remains at a high level. "We put the customer at the center and our goal is to support them on their journey, regardless of their needs. We strive to create a seamless everyday life for our customers and to be a reliable partner for their entire IT environment."

A close IT-partner that drives IT and digitalization forward 

Nordlo serves Nordic companies and public organizations at a regional, national and international level. With strategic advice, close cooperation and sustainable choices of innovative technology, we develop the customer's IT-environment and advances digitalization. 

"We are a reliable partner who ensures that our customers are protected against digital threats and equipped for future challenges."

“We are a reliable partner who ensures that our customers are protected against digital threats and equipped for future challenges”

Atteviks is one of many companies that have chosen to work with Nordlo. Jimi Wester, IT Manager at Atteviks, explains: "Nordlo is forward-thinking and a clear and proactive partner. We have a very close co-operation with regular check-ins. Our team is responsive and unpretentious. I feel safe and trust their expertise."

Patrick Liljeroth, CIO at the technology consulting company Bengt Dahlgren Göteborg, agrees and particularly emphasizes our committed and present service desk.

"That the technology works, goes without saying. But Nordlo's knowledgeable, efficient and personalized service desk is something out of the ordinary. Our close dialogue with Nordlo has enabled us to adjust and develop our collaboration together over the years. Both our partnership and delivery have been very good. We work together with Nordlo to become even better."

Impressively low customer turnover 

Nordlo's customer-centered approach has led to a low customer turnover, which Fredrik believes is a clear sign of the strong and close relationships that are built.

"In our industry, trust and long-term development are crucial. Since the start in the summer of 2018, the company has doubled in size with 850 competent employees who can support customers in various areas. Proximity is about prioritising close relationships and high availability. Our flexible, decentralized and operational model makes us agile and adaptable, allowing us to work closely with our customers - no matter where they are," Fredrik concludes.