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CEVT works
with Nordlo for a stable, scalable
IT platform 

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The challenge

Gothenburg-based CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) has enjoyed unique expansion since its start in 2013. This demanded extreme levels of stability and scalability for the entire IT environment. The aim from the start was to establish, as quickly as possible, a complete IT platform that included all the components for providing the organization and thus the operation an IT environment that could keep pace with the rate of growth.

"Today, CEVT has a stable, scalable IT platform that will match future demands arising from our expansion."

The solution

Many years' skill and experience in development environments in the automotive field were an important influence in CEVT's choice of Nordlo as its IT partner in 2014. A decision was taken to allow Nordlo to solve the challenge of establishing and taking over the operation and evolution of the global development platform for the company's 2000+ users.

"In order for us to gain a complete picture of the operation's requirements, we began with intensive dialogues with development managers at CEVT. Based on our project methodology, we began working systematically toward a new IT platform together with CEVT's IT department and external suppliers," says Ola Hammarstedt, Business Manager at Nordlo Improve.

With Nordlo as its IT partner, CEVT has carried out a number of different streamlining and improvement projects to gradually arrive at a sustainable custom solution that raises the IT environment's quality and security. This led to an IT environment that meets the operation's requirements and also creates opportunities for a more flexible and efficient development process.

Nordlo Improve has been part of the picture since CEVT's beginning and has always worked close to the operation to play an essential part in streamlining and developing IT. In the current situation, Nordlo is responsible for an application and development programme for a great number of global users with high demands on performance and availability.

Delivery is round-the-clock and includes overall responsibility for all components as well as the delivery of unique customized platforms and applications services. Daily delivery is coordinated by Nordlo Improve's customer team, which maintains a close dialogue with a number of different CEVT units to ensure it understands all of the operation's needs and requirements.

Customer value

"Today, CEVT has a stable, scalable IT platform that matches demands arising from our expansion. This collaboration has moved on, and today Nordlo has a proactive, consultative role where the focus is on continued development and streamlining and the delivery of SaaS services in support of our rapid growth," says Patrik Fredlund, Director IT Operations at CEVT.

About CEVT
CEVT is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, which owns companies such as Volvo Cars and the automotive manufacturer Geely. From having initially only manufactured floor pans for small Volvo and Geely cars, CEVT's assignment has grown to include the manufacture of complete vehicles. When production increased, CEVT's workforce also grew and quickly went from 152 more than 2000 employees in just over 20 different countries. More about CEVT.

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